Chris Parker Weather
Custom weather and routing information for small vessels in the Caribbean, Bahamas and United States.
Wind Guru
Special wind and weather forecasts in an easy to read format. Forecasts for any location on planet Earth
Passage Weather
Wind, Wave and Weather Forecasts for Sailors and Adventurers
National Hurricane Centre
Complete information on Hurricanes and Tropical Storms, including all advisories , watches and warnings
Martinique Radar
Martinique Radar cover the east Caribbean - for rain
Puerto Rico Radar
Puerto Rico radar covering the Virgin islands - for rain
Crown Weather
Crown Weather Services is your one-stop weather information source by providing the latest and most up-to-date weather data, including Tropical Weather,

A brilliant annimated map with overlay and precise spots - its one of our go to weather sites


All At Sea Magazine
Caribbean Compass
SAIL Magazine
Cruising World
Lattitudes and Attitudes Magazine

Active Captain
The interactive cruising guidebook
Women and Cruising
Advice and resources for women sailing.
Spanish for Cruisers
Kathy Parsons easy to use essential spanish for all your sailing and cruising needs.
French for Cruisers
Kathy Parsons easy to use essential French for all your sailing and cruising needs.
Interview with a cruiser project
Useful information available to would be cruisers.
Trail of Ants
A travel site and blog directory.
Sail Away
I Love Shelling
Shell identification
The Boat Galley
Getting the most out of your boat kitchen and other resources - a useful site
A marine identification gallery
Tripbuzz-sailing guide
Sailing Resource


  1. Hi, Sim & Rosie. Thanks for sharing your adventures, very inspiring. Lots of useful information also. We are planning to move onto a yacht this year, but will probably start on the south coast UK. You were so brave starting in the Caribbean, why did you?
    Best regards
    Miles & Alison

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