Thursday, November 2, 2017

Almost the end of another season.

I seem to find it harder and harder to keep up with the blog these days. No longer weeks, but months pass by before I find myself writing another. It’s not that nothing is happening; life is good and we keep busy. But as time passes it becomes harder to share the day to day, or the special events that have made up the past few months. It has been a very unusual hurricane season. As June approached with the start of the storm and rainy season the bays were abnormally quiet. But much of that changed as TS Brett threatened to approach the Windward Islands. We took the necessary precautions including digging out our huge Fortess anchor. But luckily for Grenada, and for us, it headed exceptionally far south, towards Trinidad giving us a wide berth. But at the time no one knew which way it would track or the best place to go to avoid this storm and so the boats were still scattered throughout the islands. 
Of our 4 anchors on board the Fortress FX 125 is the biggest!

By mid July TS Don was threatening our quiet little island, but once again Grenada dodged another storm as this one petered out before it reached us. Come Carnival time (and an incredibly long holiday weekend for Sim and everyone that works), boats started to arrive en-masse and the bays started to fill. ‘Camp Grenada’ started in earnest with lengthy radio nets and a plethora of cruiser activities from volley ball to Mexican train Dominos to yoga and pool tournaments- the list is endless for those who want to get involved. The winds died, the heat increased and we all started to complain about the temperature and humidity, but life quietly rolled on as usual.  Sim has been particularly busy with work at Palm Tree Marine, as have all the marine related businesses.  It seems there has been no quiet spell for them.  Friends have returned and friends have left, as always happens to those of us who lead a transient life.
Hog Island can just make out Wandering Star at the back, middle left with white sunshade and green kayak lashed to the side.
But the focus of the season has been on what we have had to witness as our neighbouring islands were destroyed by Hurricanes Irma and Maria further north.  Irma, the first hurricane in recored history to maintain intense 185mph winds for a sustained 24 hours and Maria the fastest storm developing from a Cat 1 to a Cat 5 in just half a day. Both ravaged and ransacked our northern neighbours not only causing havoc and destruction of small islands, but also lead to the looting that followed in the aftermaths. Not to mention the idiotic bureaucracy and shameful hand greasing from those in power. It has been very sad indeed and the only good is seeing the spirit of the people rise against adversity and the good will of others trying to help and send aid.
The Flying Buzzard taking much needed supplies up to Dominica.
Right now, as hurricane season draws to an end, we hope to see no more of these dreaded storms. We are still happy to be in Grenada - we love her quirks and nuances, sights and sounds and the friendliness of a small island. I love the walks – whether that is hashing at the weekend exploring the countryside, or during the week locally with friends. Grenada looks stunning right now with all the rain we have had; a carpet of deep green covering the entire island.  
Hog Island anchorage surrounded by blue skies and tropical green hills.
My mum and dad are currently visiting – a few days on the boat with us, a couple of weeks at the nearby L’ance Aux Epines Cottages set in gorgeous tropical gardens and a last few days at the scenic and peaceful La Sargesse a little further away in St Davids.

Mum and Dad ❤

Hanging out with Mum and Dad at Hog Island and L'Anse Aux Epines.

Me and Mum at La Sagesse.

Sunset at L'Anse Aux Epines beach

The beach at La Sagesse 

Gorgeous Grenada - some photos from my hikes.

Forests, waterfalls, old colonial much to see.

Walks around my local area, Woburn and Phare Bleu with my friends Tracy and Sharon.

Hashing at the weekend - a wonderful way to see parts of the island you wouldn't otherwise get to see.

The stunning Grand Anse beach -  with Manuela and Lupo. 

Match racing on the J24's - Sim, Jason and I won every race. :-)


  1. Grenada. I've heard about it, read about it (do you know the book "An Embarrassment of Mangos"?) And now, dreamed of it. We've brought our ketch "Sionna" from Maine to Florida. Grenada's not all THAT much farther, right? Thanks for sharing, you're inspiring!

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