Tuesday, June 6, 2017

1 Year in Grenada.....& 13 Living on a Boat.

Wandering Star in Hog Island, Grenada
Hurricane season has officially started bringing the much needed rain that goes with it. It's amazing how quickly the land has changed from the brown of the winter months to lush green again. Everything is starting to flower and look tropical again. The only down side is the heat and humidity. The change of seasons brings a change of sailors too. Many fly home to spend summer in their home countries but the bays fill up with others arriving for hurricane season. Camp Grenada begins again in earnest. Let the fun and games begin! Insert rolling eyes. We are settling into our second year of living here, the longest we have stayed anywhere. And approaching 13 years of living on a boat. Who'd have thought this is what I'd be doing at 40! I guess we kind of always knew Grenada would be a place we'd settle for a while. Though how long that will be is anyone's guess. 

It's another bank holiday here in Grenada. There are 13 public holidays compared to 8 in the UK! Any excuse for a lime  ;-)  We've had a chilled weekend together....something of a rarity these days when one of us is always dashing somewhere. I even dragged Sim on a hike around Grand Etang in the rain forest which, to my surprise he really enjoyed...Though he has made it clear it wont be a regular thing. It was wet and muddy and full of mosquitos but totally stunning. I love discovering more of this island, the people, the places, every nuance of it. It continually seems to change with the people that come and go and it's subtle difference in seasons. For now we just enjoy.
Sim and myself at Grand Etang...thanks to the PalmTreemobile. 
I lured Sim on the walk with the promise of no hills.....you think he'd know better. And what is that bug!?
Bamboos and broken bridges.
More bamboo, Heliconia,  Alpinia and Anthurium
The rain always brings the rainbows

More rain!
The boatyard where Sim works aka 'the goatyard' - thanks Sarah :-)
Walking the bridge between Hog Island and the mainland
A Sunday afternoon on Hog Island with Stan and Cora and Andy playing on the rickety stage.
One of our nights out at the Tuesday Jam at the Brewery.


  1. This is the Rhodes family on Yarika. We should be down to see you guys in a couple of weeks.

  2. Some day, some way... Touring the length of the stands for a summer in Granada is "on the list", but will it happen? We'll see! Baby steps on our blog: www.sionnablog.wordpress.com

  3. We have also been here a year on the 10th how quickly has that gone? And Rosie you do some up the Island beautifully in in your blogs xx

    1. Congratulations to you....we should go out and celebrate;-)

  4. More fantastic experiences and great photos in and of Grenada, Rosie. I love the goats Sim gets to work with! xx

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  6. "that bug"..is it a nymph, or cicada just out of the ground?

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