Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Start Of Sailing Season - But Not For Us!

Finally we are noticing a slight but significant change in temperature. Perhaps it is only the trade winds kicking in; putting the hot and humid windless days of the summer behind us. But we can breathe a sigh of relief as the days become more manageable.  And while it is still hot, incredibly hot even; it is not the same relentless heat of summer where the nights were as hot as days and there was no respite from our hot and sweaty selves. Even our minds felt fried. It seemed the entire cruising community were suffering from heat related ailments and skin rashes of various sort. The heat took its toll on us all. The spate of robberies that had us all on edge have passed, the culprits caught. For now life goes on in the southern bays of Grenada.

Sim is still working fulltime with Palm Tree Marine in the boatyard at Clarks Court Bay and things seems to be busier than ever.  The weeks, even the months have flown by....would you believe us if we said life in Grenada is fast paced? Or it certainly feels that way these days. We have definitely been used to a more sedate way of life, but we are enjoying the change in tempo.

I still noodle most mornings with the ladies in Hog island, then do boat chores and jobs during the week to keep Wandering Star running until the weekend. Saturday afternoons we often spend BBQing on Hog Island with Vee and Silvio and friends. Hog Island seems to be fairly prominent in our social life especially with so many talented cruisers that were around during hurricane season performing at Rogers Beach Bar.

But hurricane season is officially over. The bays are emptying out as boats head north for the start of sailing season. But not for us. This is the first time we have not moved on, and the longest time we have stayed anywhere. For now, for the first time ever, we will stay put. I am slightly envious of all the boats heading out but at the same time I'm looking forward to Christmas and to the new year and what it will bring for us here in Grenada.

BBQing and friends on the beach at Hog Island....

Some weekends are very quite and others have talented cruisers preforming at Rogers Beach bar on Hog Island.

Sim and I occasionally go kayaking together on a day he has off, but more often I go on my own when I don't have the dinghy to get to noodling or just have a paddle around the anchorage. The area is mostly mangrove and full of herons and egrets, sometimes frigates flying high and even the odd osprey.

We occasionally go to the West Indies Brewery in Lance Aux Pines for a pint of real ale, to The Container Park in True Blue for some great cheap food, Nimrods rum shack in Woburn for a drink, or Whisper Cove in Clark's Court bay for a beer or something to eat.

And sometimes the noodling/ Hog Island and Clarks Court Bay ladies get together for a day out at Grand Anse Beach. We do miss having a stunning beach as our backyard. And who doesn't love Grand Anse beach?

And of course Ali keeps us in check on the boat.

Coming next...

A Walk Around Rocks Eco Garden in Woburn

Grand Etang to Concord Falls - A hike to remember.


  1. Looks like you're in good hands with Ali keeping a close eye on everything. :-)

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