Monday, December 12, 2016

A Walk Around Rock's Eco Garden

Rock is a industrious Grenadian. He looks after boats in Le Phare Bleu area, he is a taxi driver and he maintains, and is very knowledgeable about the eco garden on his property not far from Whisper Cove Marina.

For a fee of $5ec he will take pre arranged groups around his little piece of paradise and point out all the different trees and plants and their uses. His garden is full of all sorts of wonderful fruit trees and herb plants. I should have bought a notebook and pen as I can not remember everything he told us, but he certainly is a wealth of information.
Rock talking to us about the cocoa tree. 
The large yellow, red or purple pods depending on their ripeness, are full of a sweet pulp and seeds that are fermented and dried to eventually make chocolate and cocoa powder.

Trudy, Vee and Andy smelling some Lemongrass.

The breadfruit nut which looks similar to the breadfruit, but is not. The breadfruit nut is spikey on the outside. Inside is white pulp with brown seeds. The brown seeds can be cooked, like chestnuts, the outer skin removed and the nut eaten.

The female Papaya tree. The male tree is identical but bares no fruit. The papaya is known for aiding digestion, but it also helps diabetes and weight loss.  Because of its high vitamin C content it protects against arthritis and is great for your eyes.

Ackee is surprisingly full of calcium, zinc and iron so is good for bone strength and helps towards reducing high blood pressure. Though you must be careful never to eat it before it is fully ripened and opened naturally as it is poisonous.

The golden apple has a woody outer shell. Inside the ripe fruit the flesh is a golden colour.It is known to help heart disease, maintains eye health and is a good antioxidant. It is commonly consumed in Grenada as a fruit juical
The grapefruit tree. Grapefruit has numerous health benefits and is commonly seen throughout Grenada and the Caribbean.

The Noni tree - the tree in the middle towards the back of the photo, may not have the most attractive fruit and has an awful smell but what it lacks in appearance it makes up in health benefits. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well as helping towards lowering cholesterol but should only be taken periodically.

Rock told us about many more plants and their uses. His gardens can be found in Woburn by taking the road down to Whisper Cove Marina and following the signs. Or by dinghying to Whisper Cove Marina and walking up towards Lower Woburn Road and following the signs from there. Rock can be reached on +473 459 1971

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  1. Eco gardens seems like a little piece of heaven filled with fruits and such an awesome ambience the peace and tranquility i am getting from those photos is un imaginable