Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hot And Sweaty September

September has been an incredibly hot and sweaty month in Grenada. How Sim and those that are working in the boatyards manage - I don't know. The wind has been surprisingly light and there has been very little rain - unusual indeed and all conducive to favourable hurricane conditions. Which we saw in the early formation of Tropical Storm Mathew to the east of Grenada before it turned north and into the hurricane that is causing havoc and devastation in Haiti, the Bahamas and parts of the US east coast. Our thoughts are with those it touched.

Days have morphed languidly into one another. Weekends come and go. Its hard to think back chronologically now. We've had full moon parties, BBQ's, live music, walks, hashes, various nights out. We moved Wandering Star when 'Mathew' threatened in its early stages around to Benji Bay in Clark's Court. Grenada scraped through unscathed from the storm and we moved back to Hog Island again.

Now we sit here on a squally day as a 'tropical wave' passes through. The boat lolls listlessly in a swell creeping into the bay. But dinghies are buzzing about and Grenada is hive of activity. Here are some photos from the last couple of weeks....

Sim and I tried to walk the ridge to the north of Hog Island. The views were good when you could see but it was very overgrown and not much fun with too many prickily plants and spiders to tackle to be enjoyable. Instead we walked through the Dove Sanctuary to Secret Harbour Marina and back. Spotting a huge moth as big as my hand.

The full moon party at Benji Bay on 16th September had live music and face painting by the very talented Sarah of 'Steel Appeal'.

The calm before the storm in Benji Bay. And squalls passing through with the tail end of Tropical Storm Mathew. I spent a week on board waiting to see what would happen, while Sim went to work everyday. Lucky for us it amounted to nothing for Grenada.

                                  Beautiful Hog Island anchorage 

The hash last week was by Annandale Falls. It was a celebratory hash number 950. From a scenic point of view it was one of the most enjoyable passing fields of tropical flowers, fabulous views, forests of bamboo and waterfalls.

Trudy from Manurava joined me on this hash.

Fields of 'Bird of Paradise'

Amazing views

Cool shady forests of bamboo.

The stunning Annandale falls

Last Sunday Stan and Cora of Ruff Enough and friends played some funky tunes on the rickety stage at Rogers on Hog Island.

                                                 Roger's, Hog Island

Enjoying a few beers

Wandering Star at sunset.

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  1. You must have had an amazing time on your adventure at sea. Share more details with us and let us know about the ideal conditions and season to get ours started.