Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Flowers, Food & Fun.

It is a little tricky to keep the blogs coming when so many of our days morph into each other and one week becomes much like the next. 

That being said it was our 7 year wedding anniversary last week - I know its not a big number to celebrate, but it is nice to be back in the island where we tied the knot. It turned out to be a lovely, chilled and relaxed weekend - what more can you ask for?
Saying our vows at True Blue Bay resort, Grenada 2009.
On Friday night we started the evening at Nimrods - a bar in Lower Woburn. Our friends Vee and Silvio surprised us with a bottle of bubbly to share before we took a taxi around to the food 'Container Park' at True Blue for an evening of cheap Greek food and good company.
On Saturday Sim borrowed one of the cars from work. We checked out a second hand dinghy in Port Louis - so i can have a run around. But it was a little too tired. Then ran a few errands and drove up the west coast a while, admiring the views before heading back to Grand Anse and lunch at Unbrellas. We hung out on the gorgeous Grand Anse beach, people watching and cooling off in the sea when it got too hot. Which was most of the time as there was not a breath of wind.
Just as I was getting a little grouchy on the way home (too much food and sun), Sim stopped by Vee and Silvio's boat to pick up a huge bunch of flowers they had helped organise. They were beautiful and such a surprise. I had to eat a little humble pie and apologise for my crankiness!
The flowers apparently last a month. As long as the cat doesn't get her way and eat them first! 
We finished the weekend by watching Stan and Cora of Ruff Enuff and friends play on the beach at Hog Island on Sunday. 
A table of friends at the 'Container Park'
The 'Container Park 'at True Blue attracts all the students.
One of the kiosk at the Container Park
Aziz's where we enjoy a lamb swharma.
Trudy at Nimrods in Lower Woburn.
Out and about on Saturday in the car admiring the views

More views
The stunning Grand Anse Beach

My beautiful flowers. Well done Sim.

Ali de cat munches through the flowers!

Sailing boats line up on Hog Island.
Busy beach at Hog Island on Sunday
Stan and Cora of Ruff Snuff and friends.
Liming and listening to some funky tunes.
And boats sail off into the sunset.

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  1. Hey Happy Anniversary. Amazing moments captured way perfectly. I liked the ones where you both were saying your vows. Stay Blessed and have many more anniversaries to celebrate.