Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Not Everyday Is A Sunday.

Grenada is many things to many people. For cruisers, some are only here for a short time before they move on to their next country and adventure, some return year after year for hurricane season and some spend all year round here, perhaps working or putting their kids in school. Some get involved in all the different activities from the music scene, to the family scene with kids. To those that partake in more physical activities like the yoga, volleyball and hashes. And there are the super human,  hardcore few who do everything.

For us, this year things have been a little different because Sim is working. Not every day is a Sunday, especially as is he putting in a five day week. Are we still cruisers, if we are no longer cruising? Or are we considered livaboards? -the not so fondly regarded term in some parts of the world, akin to trailer trash.

Regardless of what we are, we are still having a good time. Sim enjoys his work at Palm Tree Marine, we have adjusted to this new way of living. And what with the beach birthday BBQ’s, full moon parties, girl’s days out to Grand Anse beach, hanging out with friends; Noodling in the mornings, and lunch time quizzes and Saturday hashes - it's been a busy time. Even for me when every day is a Sunday. 

Hog Island and its mostly protected anchorage continues to be our home. A slow roll creeps in occasionally from the south. But we like it here. The only gripe would be it is so protected we are lacking a little breeze and boy has it been hot and humid recently. But it’s not too far for Sim to get to work and is a central location for me to go between the bays when I need to. 
The hash up at the north west end of the island in Duquesne. It was beautiful up there. But the hash was a killer with plenty of hills. I went with Sharon and Paul for yacht Ya Fohi, who have been my new hashing buddies.
Paul from Ya Fohi and Matt from Luludu had birthdays on the same day. What better way to celebrate than a BBQ on Hog Island.

Full moon party at Benji Bay with Dave and his merry pirates playing on stage as well as some other bands. Sarah from Steel Appeal painted our faces.

Next hash was at Clozier, half way up the West coast and inland. This is fertile land with plenty of banana, nutmeg and cocoa plantations. We had fresh coconut and ate the jelly inside to give us extra ufmph before we started the hash.

As always it was stunning lush green countryside.

Even though we spent most of this hash clinging with hands and feet into the side of a muddy mountain, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

A few of the 'noodling' girls decide to have a day at the gorgeous Grand Anse beach.

Deb's birthday at 'The West Indies Beer Company' in Lance Aux Pines. A very cool place selling real ale and ciders.

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