Thursday, June 30, 2016

Grenada - A Little Bit Of Paradise

The bays in Grenada are starting to fill up as boats continue to arrive for hurricane season. Every day there are a ton of activities to chose from depending on where you are. Thai chi or yoga in Prickly Bay, Zumba, Mexican train dominos, quizz and bingo nights. Live music in one of the bars, in one of the bays almost every night. Shopping busses, Turtle watch busses, busses to the weekly hashes on a Saturday or the food festival up in Gouyave on a friday. Free busses to Budget Marine or Island Water World. Not to mention monthly full moon parties, boat jumbles and dinghy concerts held on a barge.
Hog Island anchorage.

We have been kept around in the Clark's Court Bay area (we are currently on a friends mooring in Hog Island while they are away), as Sim has started to work at Palm Tree Marine at the Clark's Court Boatyard. So while Sim is out earning a few dollars I'm left to take care of the boat. But what with noodling most mornings, a weekly shopping bus trip, a laundry trip, trips into St Georges, water runs, hashes and hanging with friends, I don't actually get much maintenance done! Luckily after all the months of work in the boatyard in America, Wandering Star isn't doing too badly. And I promise to step it up a notch when I return from a visit to the UK. 
The carenage St George's

We are loving it here in Grenada, it is truely glorious. And while political turmoil goes on in the rest of the world, I think we are grateful for our little piece of paradise right here.
Beautiful purple water Lillies
I joined Trudy and Andy from Manurava for a hash in the nearby Springs area.
Despite a grey day - I still love walking through the Grenadian countryside.
The monthly boat jumble at Secret Harbour Marina
The dinghy concert on the barge at Caliviny Bay.

Mr Killa and the rebel band were awesome.
Apparently he's a big Grenadian star and we were honoured that he would do such a small venue.

The Carenage, St George's

More of St George's waterfront.

Christ the deep statue overlooking the carenage - a thank you gift to Grenada for helping the surviours of the Bianca C cruiseship

A church up one of the side streets in St George's.

Beautiful pink climbing vines at Mount Hartman.

Mango trees dripping with fruit on the hash in Springs.

One of my favourite flowers the purple waterlilly.

With all the rain we have been getting, everything is in full bloom - top to bottom, left to right..
Red Flamboyant tree, yellow Flamboyant tree
Mango tree, Breadfruit tree.

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