Sunday, June 5, 2016

Getting Settled in Grenada

Whisper Cove marina and Clarks Court Bay
I know, it’s been a while since I have blogged, all has been quiet on the western (East Caribbean) front. We have been easing ourselves back into Grenada – it is as green and beautiful as ever. We have been hanging out and catching up with old friends, making new friends and enjoying the beautiful island that Grenada is. We are gently re-acclimatising ourselves with island time. Much has changed in the two and half years we have been away and yet it is the same place we love. Bars and restaurants have changed hands, new businesses have opened, others have expanded, some have closed. Most notable to us is the new boat yard at Clarks Court Bay where the Clarks Court Bay Marina used to be – a huge gash cut into the side of the verdant hill is now filled with boats standing on land – good business I’m sure for the island. De Big Fish bar and restaurant - a favourite hangout for many years in Prickly Bay is now Timbers. There’s a new brewery and a food Container Park near the True Blue University that sells cheap food on Friday nights.

The new Clarks Court Bay Boat Yard
But we have chosen to anchor around in Clarks Court Bay so much of this inaccessible to us. Here we are surrounded by green hills, it is breezy and peaceful and less developed then the south western corner of the island.
Our little spot in Clarks Court Bay
On calmer days we can dinghy over to Mount Hartman Bay and Secret Harbour marina and walk over to the Lance Aux Pines side of Prickly Bay. I spend a bit of time in the pretty Whisper Cove marina, using their WiFi, doing laundry, picking up the weekly shopping bus to the supermarket.
View from Secret Harbour Marina of Mount Hartman
Lance Aux Pines and Prickly Bay
Enjoying the colouful walks between the bays
Grenada is just so colourful at the moment
Hog Island
I managed to persuade Sim to do a hash - a great way to see parts of this gorgeous Island you wouldn't otherwise get to see. It's primarily for runners but they do a walking trail too. They are self proclaimed drinkers with a running problem! They are held every Saturday in various parts of the island and start around 4pm. This one was fairly close in the Westerhall area. I made the mistake of wearing fairly new pair of trainers and got caught. The consequence? Drinking warm beer out of your shoe! We followed the white paper trails through stunning countryside and finished in just under an hour with a beer at the party after.

Get caught with new shoes? - Have to drink warm beer out of them!
Walking through the gorgeous counrtyside
Locals, expats and tourists alike come together to walk the trails. Although it was a little hilly for once Sim and I are were not last!
Plenty of goats and mango trees as we followed the white paper trails


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