Monday, June 20, 2016

12 Years A Sea Gypsy

Sim and I have just celebrated 12 years living on a boat this week. Can you imagine? 12 years of being sea gypsies.There's definitely been a few moments when we have wanted to throw it all in. And yet here we still are, with no plans to jump ship just yet. I often wonder if we are the sane or crazy ones? I'm never really sure. 

We celebrated with a meal out at BB's crabbacks in St George's. We always like this place with its tasty food. Brian, the owner even said he'd send me the recipe of my favourite dish there. Though I'm still waiting to see if that happens.

The weeks seem to fly by; We arrived a month ago on the day of a full moon party over at Benji Bay, only for the heavens to open up on us, the live bands and the BBQ. A month later and another full moon party passes on another dreary night, the sky so thick with clouds we could barely see the moon. But we had fun. Rainy season is in full swing. Tropical waves pass over bringing squally weather. But the island is looking lush and green for it. Tree's are blooming and heavily laden with fruit or flowers. Every time I step off the boat onto land I cant help but think what a beautiful island this is and how lucky we are to be here. 
So for now I'll leave you with some pictures of the last couple of weeks.
Lower Woburn at the end of Clark's Court Bay
The public dock at Woburn and Clark's Court Bay Boat yard.
Iguana munching on the trees at Whisper Cove Marina
Clark's Court Bay Boatyard 
Driving from Clark's Court to Grand Anse
The beautiful beach at Grand Anse
We spent a couple of hours at the beach one Saturday afternoon
Everyone loves this beach
Sim chilling out
The beach has plenty of almond and seagrape trees to sit under for some shade.
We then drove up and over the hill - this is a view of Grand Anse Beach
Grand Anse Beach
And we took a short trip over to Morne Rouge Beach
This beach is gorgeous. You can anchor here but the holding is not so good for monohull's who have to anchor further out.
Everywhere is so lush and green and blooming.
Although Morne Rouge is a smaller beach, it's just as popular.
Kids hunt for starfish and sea urchins - I wonder if that's the one I stepped on?
The seagrape trees
The sun is low at Morne Rouge aka BBC beach
Grey cloudy days in the anchorage.

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