Monday, April 4, 2016

Luperon Fun

Waiting for weather in Luperon isn't the worst thing in the world that could happen to us. In fact it gave us a chance to spend some time getting to know some of the local area.

First up are the blow holes and walks found near the entrance to Luperon. The land is private and was under development but over the years things have ground to a halt. That's good news for us as it means we can park our dinghy at the small beach at the eastern entrance and go and explore some of the lush surroundings.
Parking the dinghy on the east side of the entrance to Luperon
Stairs to where...? The beginning of the walk to the blow holes
Beautiful green shaded track - part of the halted development.
The impressive blow holes.
There are partially built bits of property throughout this beuatiful location.
More tracks leading up....
To some great views and scenery.
The DR is such a beautiful country - here Deb and Tony from 'Exit Stage Left' looking down on Luperon
Going a ittle futher afield we hired a car with crew of 'Exit Stage Left' and left early one morning for a little adventure.

First stop the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua.

First we needed to be kitted out - its dangerous stuff jumping down waterfalls!
Then it was a hike up past lush countryside with grazing cows, huge mango, cacoa Ceiba  trees.
It was hot work climbing up but so very cool coming down!
Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Down we go!
We had so much fun, jumping, sliding, and diving our way down the falls.
Deb and Tony top two photos. Sim and myself bottom two.
We swam through gorges and walked through rivers chest deep. This trip was a major highlight during our time in the DR. We did it 6 years ago when we last pasted through and we would do it again in a jiffy! We'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

It was hard to top the waterfalls. We a grabbed very cheap $2 lunch each at a roadside cafe. It was your usual 'tipico' Dominican fare of meat with a huge plate of rice and beans but yummy all the same.

The next stop was pretty cool too. A ride up to the top of Mount Isabel just on the outskirts of Puerto Plata on a teleferico - a cable car ride - to the pretty tropical gardens at the top and Christ the Redeemer Statue.

The cable car lost power 3 times on the way up - suddenly coming to a halt and swinging wildly in the air while we all fell and tripped over each other. 
The pretty flowers and gardens at the top of Mount Isabel.
And of course  the amazing views from the car
Is this the honeymoon Ive been waiting for?
Finally we visited Fort Sand Phillipe - guarding the entrance to Puerto Plata.
A good day all in all topped off with a stop at the first big supermarket we have been to in months!

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