Sunday, February 28, 2016

Walking The Wife...

We are anchored off one of my favourite Islands – Stocking Island in Great Exuma. I know that many have a love/hate relationship with George Town in the Exumas. It is, as many say - a summer camp for grown-ups. With nearly 400 boats in the harbour it is not a place you come to escape the masses. The VHF radio spews out chatter all day long.  There are numerous activities should you wish to join in.  Sim and I aren’t really bothered about participating in a lot of these. But I do like Stocking Island, with all its paths and trails  - and walking is about the only exercise i get these days; especially now that I don’t swim as much as I used to. My fear of sharks has taken over – and don’t even mention the incident with the remora – aka shark sucker! Suffice to say if I’m going to get any exercise it’s going to be on terra firma – I’m such a wimp!

Stocking Island is the barrier island protecting George Town from the Atlantic Ocean
Anyway, Stocking Island is gorgeous. It’s maybe only a third of mile wide at its widest and three and half miles long but it is crisscrossed with paths and trails that all lead to out spectacular beaches. Beautiful Blue Ocean on soft sandy beaches are littered with shells and rocky outcrops. Not to mention the rare living stromatolites – oxygen producing organisms billions of years old that helped complex life develop billions of years ago. I love it.  I honestly don’t think I will ever tire of all the little wonders this island has to offer.
The rare stromatolites found on the windward side of Stocking Island
If I can find a walking buddy, it's the perfect way to have a walk and often, a much needed natter  - another ear to bend other than Sims in our sometimes very insular world. Sim is not always up for going on a walk, he would happily spend days and days and days on the boat without it bothering him at all.  I, on the other hand would go crazy if I am stuck on board for more than a day. So I really appreciate it when he offers (is bribed, manipulated!) to come with me.  I know, he knows that I’d like him to come with me. I know too that his knees sometimes hurt walking on the soft sand. And that he doesn’t quite get as excited about beaches as I do. But he knows that I need to get off the boat and walk, to escape the capsule that is our home.  He calls it 'walking the wife'.  And realizes it’s a good investment to the sanity on board. And I love him for that.

We have had a few walks on Stocking Island this season; on our own or with friends, sometimes taking the kayaks, sometimes not, sometimes having a swim as well. And when asked, I think Sim will tell you that he enjoys 'walking the wife' too!

For a map of the trails on Stocking Island click here

Walking with Sim, Gideon, Brett and Dorothy

Happy as a kid in a candy store.

The area known as 'the baths' where the pools fill and drain - gorgeous on a calm day.

One of the most stunning beaches I have seen....and Ive seen a few!

Another view of the Stromatolites

Sim walking with Brett ang Gideon

Looking south on the windward side

You can almost see that as a water colour.

Sim following shoe tree trail at the north end of Stocking Island

Salt Rock at the top of Monument Hill. It was to let ships know that salt was 
produced here. nb the photo is straight the monument is wonky!

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