Friday, January 1, 2016

Birthday & NYE Celebrations!

Having a celebratory drink at Waldo's in Vero Beach with Mark and Liesbet.
What a crazy few days we have had with the arrival of Mark and Liesbet joining us for my birthday and New Years Eve celebrations. They treated me to a surprise visit at the cinema to see the new Star Wars in 3D. What a kind and clever treat, as I had just been saying how disappointed I was not to have gone to the cinema while we were still in the US! We finished the evening at a popular Italian restaurant near the seafront in Vero Beach.
At the cinema to see Star Wars with our 3D glasses!

We hung out and walked on beaches (and got stung by a bee). We sweated in the heat and got eaten alive by the noseeums on board with the hot, windless days in Vero Beach. But we had lots of laughs too. We saw the new year in with a few drinks at Waldo's, a rustic mexican bar down on the front and then back to the boat for BBQ, quizzes and paper hat making competitions. 
Sim, Liesbet & Mark at Avalon Beach Park, near Fort Piece.
Unfortunately it was up early for 2016 for us all. Mark and Liesbet have the first part of a long journey to Connecticut and we were going to leave for the Bahamas. I say 'were' as the weather is rapidly deteriorating over the next few days in the Abacos where we were headed and it looks as though there will be some uncomfortable days ahead. So we figure we are better of waiting it out over here until the next opportunity to cross.
Avalon Beach State Park... The first blue water we have seen in ages!

Having a picnic at the Beach.

Hanging out at the beach

So good to have my friend around

Liesbet and Sim and their party hats for NYE!

Sim in action BBQ-ing!

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