Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cruising Plans Written In Sand

Vero Beach, they say its like Velcro - you get stuck there.
As we met people on our way south, down the waterway, we would talk about our plans and where we were going. Various places draw different comments, but you mention Vero Beach to people and they look at you in that knowing manner and say - "You know Vero's like Velcro - you're gonna get stuck there". I'd smile politely at them and shake my head saying "not I, not us - We,'re on our way to the Bahamas" - we're not that kind of cruiser - we don't get stuck in these popular cruising spots. And the world turns, and things have a funny way of coming back and biting you on the bum.
Things transpire, wheels having been turning and here we are in Vero Beach......making plans to stay in Vero Beach for a while longer. We were getting ready to leave for the Bahamas. But cruising plans are always written in sand. While its true there are a few things on the job list, like the rigging pins we need to change (the most awkward ones already done), and hoping the new (second hand) radar dome we had sent here to Vero Beach, would solve the radar problem - it did! These are not the reason we are staying. The reason we are staying is that my very good friend Liesbet from 'roaming about'  previously 'its Irie' and her husband Mark are coming to Florida. We are very excited, and our Christmas and New Year plans are sorted with very special friends. And Vero Beach is already starting to grow on us.
Vero Beach is so busy boats must raft together. Can you spot us?

Wandering Star and a rainbow in the protected mooring field.

Sim up the top of the mast for the 4th time in two days! My muscles are sure getting a work out but all this deck time means I get to see this sun halo and a shy manatee swimming around the boat.

Wandering Star tied to her British neighbour 'Plan B' and friends 'Island Khaya', the catamaran in front.

There is plenty of wildlife - Herons, pelicans and a murder of crow-like birds that are murdering our decks with their droppings!

And wonderful sunsets.

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