Sunday, October 25, 2015

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Happy 6th Anniversary - Our wedding day in True Blue Bay Hotel, Grenada 
Six years ago this week Sim and I got married in Grenada, at the very lovely True Blue Bay hotel with our families and some close cruiser friends. Time just seems to have flown by. We feel very lucky and very privileged – we love each other and we love our life. In this crazy world you can’t ask for more than that. We celebrated by taking a short break from boatyard work (we are only allowed the 'Bock mobile' Courtesy car for two hours after all) and nipped into Beaufort for a quick lunch at Clawsons, a walk on the promenade and an ice cream at Taylors. Just lovely. Then it was back to work...

The weather has been beautiful despite a few days where temperatures dropped to 7˚C. The days have been hot and sunny, the nights cold.  Just perfect and a welcome respite to the continuous sweating we are so use to.

The work in the boatyard is coming along. Sim has refitted all the engine parts, adding a fresh layer of paint. 
Sim painting the gearbox.
The parts of the interior hull we have been chipping and preparing have had their final layers of paint. 
Sim with the needle gun trying to reach the awkward places of the hull.
The floors we had to cut away to gain access, Sim has converted in to hinged lockers.  
Sim adding hinges to the floorboard.
The topsides have had so much attention I have never seen them gleam so much.
The topsides look great after a lot of hard work.
The rudder is almost ready to go back in and the re galvanised chain was very kindly delivered back by our good friend Jim from Opus; Thank you Jim. A lot of the links are stuck together so when we have a spare five minutes here and there we take turns whacking them free with a big stick!  

Can you see the links galvanised together?
In the process of the chain needing to go back on, Sim has decided to over haul the windless while we are in the yard.  It was starting to sound a little ropy and we can live without many things but not our windless. (If it had a decent manual lift we wouldn’t be so concerned but it doesn’t).

Over the next week or so everything should be slowly going back together and we can start thinking about getting out of here and heading south.
Sims work bench, aka, our freezer!

Sim buffing the topsides.

Then I polish the topsides with 'Nu' was very cold that day.

The multitude of products we used to clean the hull.

Did I mention that during this time the electronic control unit broke on the fridge - Just 'another' $200 - there's been a lot of those recently. Sim fits the new unit that lives under the drawers.

The like new, galvanised anchor 

Jim from 'Opus' - droping off the chain

Shiny 'like new' chain.

The improved rudder gland. Sim has wrapped a sheet of stainless steel around the outside of the tube to stiffen it.


  1. John and ChristinaOctober 25, 2015 at 6:23 PM

    Happy Anniversary. Congratulations to you both xx

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