Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Visit To Family & Friends In The UK 2015

If you have wondered what we have been up to for the last couple of weeks, I have been visiting my family and friends back in the UK while Sim has been left to tough it out on his own on the boat in Long Island, NY. 
Libby the lobster loves her Aunty Rosie
It's has been wonderful to see and catch up with all my family and friends but mostly I've had my heart caught by the dribbly, chunky cheek smiles of my new little niece Libby whom I totally adore. As always the time was way too short but it is wonderful to be able to share some time with family and old friends who I don't get to see nearly enough.
Libby and her two crazy Aunty's!
Sim in the mean time got the boat to himself to tackle a few jobs he has been waiting to do for a while without the hassle of me nagging him to clean up each night. It seems we go through phases where we get on top of boat maintenance or it gets on top of us. Currently its on top of us but I'll save that for post another day. For now some photos of my UK visit.

The Burr family - Libby and myself, Mum, Dad, and sisters Jen and Ali.

My Mum and Dad and Ali;s dog Hugo.

Awww I love that face.

Jen and The Pavlova - that we made for Ali 
who won the dieting competion!!

Ali and her babes, Hugs and Libby

A brief but wonderful catch up with my old friend
 "if anyone can" Fiona McCann
-the Landlady of the pub "The Bishops Finger" in central London.

Sims brother and sister inlaw Dan and Drin came over for lunch at my
parents a few days after he completed the London Bike Ride which came
through Raynes Park where I stayed with my parents

Dan cycling through Raynes Park

We had a party of close friends and family joining others on the streets
to cheer the cyclists along.

Libby and her favourite aunty ;-)

My lovely friend Kristin

And her little girl Erika out for a play date down by the Thames

I took the coach down to Bristol to stay with Kristin and her family
The Bearrito - a yummy taco truck - Bristol is ful of unique and interesting places

We caught some of a hot air balloon festival floating past in the distance

One of my wish lists is to go to a balloon festival

Kristin, Ross and Erika down the local park

Shaun (the sheep) in the city - a ewenique charity art trail across Bristol

The gorgeous Jilly and myself after lunch and a bottle of wine in Kingston and
a walk down by the Thames to Hampton Court 

Down by the Thames in Hampton Court

A play date with Jilly and my god children
Luca and Mya...

who can eat the most ice cream?....me!

Ali and Libby Looking super cute with a nappy on her head!

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