Thursday, June 11, 2015

The PLAN Isn't Working & Powell Cay

Put our 'bigger' headsail up for the up coming trip
The Plan is not going to plan. The weather window we had hoped would take us up to North Carolina is plagued with a huge area of no wind and while we don’t object to motoring for a while, the idea of motoring the majority of the trip is not something that appeals. As always plans are made in sand at low tide and ours have been washed away.  But that is ok; we have come up with a new one. While we could wait it out in the Bahamas for the wind to fill in long enough to take us as far as we want to go, we are ready to leave now and feel we might get more sailing options once we get Stateside to keep travelling northwards.  So we will take this wind that picks up tomorrow and lower our latitude so that it will take us into North Florida instead of North Carolina before it dies all together. Then when we do get periods of wind we can do one or two night hops up the coast on the outside (oceanside) rather than motoring the entire way up the ICW like we did last year. But as always we are at the mercy of the weather and will have to see how this plan unfolds.

Our new dinghy cover and Sims work of art! 
In the mean time Sim has been working on his dinghy cover – it’s almost complete, just a little tweaking to get it to fit snugly. It’s been a work in progress but he has slowly chipped away at it. I am hugely impressed and a little shame faced to say I have had nothing to do with it! In readiness for our up coming sail we have changed the headsail over from the smaller higher cut one that’s good for windward trips and put up the big ‘Mofo' – the polite word for the big genoa which is better for downwind passages. Since Sim and I have changed sails very rarely over the last 11 years it must mean we mean business! We have checked off items on our pre-departure list to make sure whatever trip we end up doing we have prepared for it the best we can.

Sim enjoying a swim at Powell Cay

Meanwhile Sim and I have thoroughly enjoyed our last few days at Powell Cay in the Bahamas; an uninhabited island in the northern Abacos with not much going on except long sandy beaches and a couple of trails across the overgrown island to yet more sandy beaches .Its peaceful and quiet. We have kayaked and swam and walked on the sandy shores....the last we will see the likes of for a while.  And while we love hanging out in company we have really enjoyed this time on our own. But knowing our friends were in the area we arranged to get together one last time for a blow out BBQ on the beach.  We managed to dodge the rain squalls and the water spouts to start a fire and enjoyed good food and good company one last time together. 

An old wreck in the middle of Powell Bay

One of the trails takes you to a lookout above a rocky outcrop

The water is so clear

We kayaked around the north side of the island to our own private beach

although we almost had every beach to ourselves it was so quiet.

Wandering Star in Powell Cay waiting for the wind to fill in.

The trails were a little overgrown from lack of use.

But the beaches on the other side of the island were gorgeous

Its hard work walking in the soft sand.

We followed the flotsam and jetsam marking the trails back to the otherside

Sim finds a friend

A ray lurking on the bottom while we are out in our kayaks

Happy days - me and my pink kayak

Another windless day

Dorothy, Shirley and myself at our beach BBQ

John, Duncan and Sim and two very toasted cheese sarnies!

Good friends

You can't have a BBQ without toasted marshmallows

Moving from the beach into the sea....talking heads!

Its the season for waterspouts ;-(

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