Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Loving The Loyalist Islands - Man of War Cay and Great Guana Cay, Abacos

Beaches at Man of War Cay
We have been having a wonderful time visiting the gorgeous loyalist islands in the Abaco’s. So different from the dry islands of the Exuma’s, these islands are verdant green and flourishing. They just ooze tropical paradise and are literally covered with green coconut trees, fiery hibiscus flowers and blooming flamboyant trees. It’s just lush. The weather has been hot and balmy, all we could have asked for was a little more breeze.
Coconut trees everywhere
Man of War Cay is quiet and conservative compared to the touristy Elbow Cay but it is just as stunning. The residents are deeply religious. No alcohol is sold on the island (luckily we carry our own stores) and until recently the Bahaitians (Bahamas born Haitians) had to leave the island before nightfall. 
The Albury sail shop famous for their canvas bags.
While it is more residential it has a big boat building community. The cute homes are brightly painted and decorated with fishing floats and conch shells.  
Loyalist cottages on Man of War Cay
Everything is immaculately kept.  On the east coast the windward beaches are pounded by the Atlantic sea. 
The Windward Side of Man of War Cay
 At the north end of the island the Prana resort stands empty and you can walk around its colourful grounds. We plucked a few green coconuts and combed the beaches for treasure until it was time to move on.
Walking around the empty Prana Estate
The next island to the north is Great Guana Cay.We spent a night at the south end of the island anchored between Great Guana Cay and Scotland Cay. Sim kayaked around the small cays inbetween the islands and I walked the beaches. We moved on the following day halfway up the island. Although there is no’ town’ to speak of, the island is renowned for its long sweeping east coast beaches, fun beach bars and restaurants and a couple of holiday resorts.
Wandering Star anchored between Great Guana Cay and Scotland Cay.
We managed to anchor with Hunda inside the tiny harbour that is mostly filled with mooring buoys and strolled around the island...as much as we could bare in the midday sun. I hear the snorkeling is supposed to be good on the windward side of the island but we didn’t get to check it out. We did discover a great find at the tiny post office with a huge collection of $1 books for sale. 
Taking advantage of the lovely Orchid Bay facilities.
  Sim was especially thrilled when we found that Saturday nights at Orchid Bay marina offered ribs for $10 a lb! We took a dip in their pool and enjoyed the succulent dinner – (Sim made easy work of two pounds of ribs!)  our faces covered in BBQ sauce....
Note Sim has two portions of ribs!
Dorothy and I walked off the feast the next day on the fabulous beaches....giving Sim a well earned rest from “walking the wife” and allowing him time to work on our dinghy cover project.

Now we wait for another tropical development to pass us by and hope the wind fills in soon for our sail to the United States.
Dorothy on a beach walk in Great Guana Cay

One of the bars in Great Guana Harbour

Sim and Duncan at the infamous Nippers bar

Nippers on Great Guana Cay

Sim had a side of ribs with his ribs!

Best ribs ever - with great company at Orchid Bay Marina

Cooling off in the pool at Orchid Bay Marina

Sim waiting for the bar to open!

Sun setting and the bugs are out!

Stunning beach at Great Guana cay

What a view!

Wandering around the Prana estate at Man of War Cay

Prana estate is yours for a mere $4700000

Tired from all the walking!

Beautiful Frangipani trees are in full bloom

We thought it was holder to!

Must belong to a Brit on Man of War Cay!

It was nice to see a bit of British in the Bahamas!

Night on board Wandering Star with Hunda and Khaya Moya

Sun downers in the sea with the crews of 
Khaya Moya, Hunda, Panache and Rat Catcher.

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