Sunday, May 17, 2015

Royal Island, Eleuthera to Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Wandering Star at anchor in Royal Island, Eleuthera
Our last few days in Eleuthera were spent happily sitting in the protected bay of Royal Island.  A beautiful and serene spot filled only with abandoned ruins, turtles and chirpy birdsong.
Turtles love Royal Island
 Although the island is private with a new luxury development built at the west end no one seemed concerned with us taking some walks ashore.
New private villas at the west end of Royal Island

 The remains of a 1950’s estate that must have once been an impressive sight is now over grown with vines and roots giving it a “lost temple” kind of appearance.
Some of the old ruins of a 1950's estate
A short walk further on takes you to the north side of the island where there is a teeny weeny harbour probably from the old estate days. 
A small man made harbour on the north side of Harbour Island
As we waited for the balmy days to freshen with enough wind to continue our journey northwards, we spent our time snorkeling on the south side of the island among the many small coral heads teaming with fish.
Sim found a beauty of a shell - sadly for me it was still occupied
A day or two after the arrival of our friends on Hunda the wind filled in and we sailed together up to the Abaco’s in the northern Bahamas for our last month of island hoping before we cross back over to the United States for hurricane season.
Now you see them,now you don't - sailing with Hunda
We had a great sail arriving just in time for sundowners at Lynyard Cay; another fab spot where cruisers have left their mark by leaving hammocks, chairs and BBQ’s for others to enjoy. 
Sim taking it easy at Lynyards Cay
We loitered there for a few days walking on beaches, snorkeling and pottering on with jobs on board before the pressing matter of no cat food had us seeking out a supermarket 20 miles further north in Marsh Harbour. Hell hath no fury like our cat without her biscuits!
One unimpressed kitty with an empty biscuit container in front of her!
Since then here we sit in the “big city” of Marsh Harbour; spending a fortune in the supermarket filling up our dwindling stores. Enjoying the odd meal ashore (are we the only ones who feel $14 for a burger with NO fries is expensive?) but then trying to stay away from the bars as we balk at the ever increasing price of a beer- where have the $1 and $2 Happy Hours gone? Ironically we found cheaper places in the exclusive Harbour Island than here.  But we’ve enjoyed great nights with old friends Hunda and Khaya Moya as well as meeting new ones, from Rat Catcher and Flying Pig. 
The marinas in Marsh Harbour

But the best news over the last week has been becoming an aunty to my sisters baby the very cute and adorable little Libby who I can’t wait to go and meet.

Welcome to the world

Some more of the ruins of the estate in Royal Island

Gorgeous beach - now part of the private development on Royal Island

We managed to take a sneaky look around 

Snorkeling outside the rocky shore at Royal Island

With lots of coral under the water

Shame I couldnt take this beauty home

Er, Cruiser art - flotsam and jetsom

Always beach combing at Lynyard Cay

Looking out to the Atlantic Ocean at Lynyard cay

So many starfish

But what on earth is this?

A walk to The Crossing at Marsh Harbour

Crossing Beach

Crossing beach has suffered hurricanes and invasive plants but with 
conservation groups help it has been restored over recent years.

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