Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Sister Visits Us In Georgetown, Bahamas

Michael, Ali, Sim and Myself at Sand Dollar beach
My sister Ali and her boyfriend Michael have been and gone in a week long blur of blue skies and turquoise seas, sandy beaches, sunny days and good times. We spent the time exploring the various bays of Stocking Island from walks on Sand Dollar beach, to touching the rays at Chat and Chill, to having a picinic on our own secluded beach just north of the Monument. It was a short whirlwind visit but we had fun. Now they have left and our next guests have arrived - Sims mum and brother. The weather is not playing fair with gusty winds forecasted for days but the sun stills shines and with the clocks springing forward we have an extra hour of day light to play with.
Taking a walk on Stocking Island

     Myself, Ali + baby bump and Michael at shoe tree trail

      Ali and Michael at Chat and Chill

Sea water filling the area known as "the baths"

                                       "The baths" on the windward of Stocking Island

The windward side of Stocking Island

Ali and Michael in the dink

Wandering Star enjoying the balmy Bahamas waters

Picnic time in paradise at the north end of Monument Beach

Another hard day at the office

Ali and Michael taking it easy

A fresh loaf and "tear and share" bread aboard Wandering Star

A walk on the beach at Sand Dollar

The beach bar at Chat and Chill

Talking with the animals at Chat and Chill

The rays hang around for scraps at the conch salad station

All the boats at anchor in Elizabeth Harbour

Low tide inside the hurricane holes on stocking Island

Dusk looking out across the bay, all the anchor lights twinkling in the night sky.

The only person Ali cat likes is Ali.

A bit of a tight squeeze with the crews of "Khaya Moya", "Hunda" and "Kairos"

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