Sunday, March 22, 2015

Georgetown - A Water Playground with Sims Mum and Brother

"Magic Bay", Stocking Island
It would be easy to wonder how we would keep our next visitors – Sim's mum and brother entertained for two weeks within the confines of Georgetown, but it’s amazing the how the longer you stay in a place the more you discover.
We enjoyed more picnics at what has been dubbed “Magic Bay” by Sim's mum north of Monument Beach, just around the corner from the sandy headland. We walked across some of the trails on Stocking Island to the windward side and enjoyed the ocean beaches. We kayaked, swam, snorkeled, walked and talked the days away.  We ate good food, because if nothing else we eat well on Wandering Star and lunched at the sumptuous St Francis resort and Exuma yacht club who excel in making the most stupendous burger. We discovered new places to anchor - by the cut between Stocking and Elizabeth Islands – wot a spot! The colours are so mesmerizing and evocative that they take your breath away. Within that same area is a small coral reef with good snorkeling where the coral gardens are fabulous - colourful and bursting with marine life. We spent afternoons frolicking on the beaches, pottering about in the afternoon sun, generally having a lovely time. And despite the lack of wind we even managed a sail.

Once again words fail and only pictures will do.

Our picnic shelter on "Magic Beach"

Enjoying some shade away from the bright sunshine

Our own piece of paradise

Sims mum/Meg taking in the "magic" at "magic bay"

Sim and Gil kayaking in the crystal clear waters

El Capitano working hard ;-)

Sims mum and brother share our beautiful surrounds

Sim and I 

Sim wading in "The Baths"

Sim and his mum sharing a moment

The beaches on the windward side are filled with tiny shells

A delicious meal at the St Francis Resort on Stocking Island

View from the St Francis Resort

Sunny daze!

"The Girls"
Gil and I joined some yachtie friends for a walk to the Monument

"The Boys"

The views out across the bay from the top of Monument Hill

HUGE termite nest on one of the walks

Sitting on the "Tourist Tree"

A lot of signs along the walks explain the various trees and foliage

Haha :-)

Balmy days in a perfect spot between Stocking and Elizabeth Island

The water is simply stunning

50 shades of blue.

Our home for the night at the south end of Stocking Island

A ray sleeping on the bottom of the reef 

Honeycomb Cowfish

The small coral reef was fantastic snorkeling

Azure vase sponge

Bluehead Wrass

Tubulate Sponge

Grey Angelfish

 Azure Vase Sponge

Sim and Gil out for an afternoon Kayak

Can you see the flounder found in the rocky shoreline by Sand dollar beach?

...and the octopus hidden in the rock?

Flat calm, balmy waters, just perfect for kayaking

Sand dolllar found on Sand dollar beach!

Its not all play....I go aloft for a rig check.

As Sim is not keen going aloft so its my job to inspect the rigging....
Sim gets the tough job winching me up the mast!

A last day for Meg and Gil with games on the beach

Another day ends....

With another amazing sunset

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