Monday, February 23, 2015

Georgetown Madness

Wandering Star at Lee Stocking Island
Is it possible that we could tire of the stunning vistas and sandy banks dotted with palm trees and colourful bougainvillea that make up the many tiny islands of the Exumas? Probably, eventually, but not yet. We continue to be mesmerized, even in the madness and mayhem of Georgetown, now that regatta has started

The anchorage at Lee Stocking Island
We had a few more lovely days at Lee Stocking Island walking around the abandoned marine research center. We've heard it’s been sold so I was keen to explore while we were still able to roam free.  I dragged mum and dad through over grown trails looking for a nonexistent path to a windward beach with the promise of untouched flotsam and jetsam treasures told to me by fellow cruisers.  And then I dragged them around again the next day where I finally had to admit defeat. But we had fun, and even though the island is abandoned and neglected and even slightly eerie it is peaceful and serene and has a certain charm that I find appealing.
Sim, Mum and Dad on top of the world on Lee Stocking Island
 We had to motor sail the remaining 25 miles back to Georgetown as there was barely a breath of wind. We trailed a fishing line the entire journey but not a nibble did we get.  We reached Georgetown with plenty of daylight to spare and in time for a delicious Valentines feast at the yacht club courtesy of Mum and Dad.
Looking out on the anchorage at Kidds Cove from Exuma yacht Club on Valentines evening

 Unbelievably the water is still a little chilly so we don’t swim as much as we should; though you can guarantee a good soaking with four of us in the dinghy on a breezy day. Mum who seemed to take the brunt of most waves was particularly stoic. We’ve moved the boat from one side of Elizabeth Harbour to the other to try and get the best protection from the weather fronts that keep coming through.  Mum and Dad’s visit came to an end with us waving goodbye as Elvis the water taxi whisked them away for a dry journey back to shore. We had had fun and were sad to see them go. 
Goodbye Mum and
Sim and I had a quiet day assimilating ourselves back to life with just two on board just as the regatta week was starting up.  Since then the weekend has whizzed by in a whirl of beach seminars on batteries and other topical subjects, raffles, variety shows, walks on beaches and all the fun, crazy activities that go alongside the regatta.  Amazingly though, no yacht racing as yet as it’s been too windy or ironically there's not enough wind.
Everyone gathers round for the free raffle prizes

We take a back seat as it’s all a little too summer-camp for our liking without meaning to knock what others do like. And we potter on with various little jobs that have been neglected over the last year having been on the move for so much of it and we look forward to the arrival of our next visitors, my (other) sister and her BF.
Sim cuts out the rotten wood of the helm chair box

And rebuilds it with new wood.

The trail that led on and on and on to no where

Dad pontificating at Lee Stocking Island

Trekking through the over growth

H-H-H U G E spider!

The beach we never made it to.

Hot balmy days
Arriving back to Georgetown

Day time views from the yacht club

Another scrummy cracked conch lunch

John from Khaya Moya joins the Conch horn blowing competition

It was so chilly everyone had their oilies on!

Brrr, who'd have thought this is the Bahamas @ the variety show

The band "Too Drunk To Fish" at the variety show

The infamous Chat and Chill beach

Wandering Star @ Monument anchorage

Just some of the nearly 400 boats anchored in Georgetown!

Walking on some of the rocky beaches on the Elizabeth Harbour side

The picture doesn't really do justice but its a gusty, stay on board kinda day
-at least the sun is shining!

Dorothy and Duncan from Hunda, Shirley from Khaya Moya and Sim

and me!

As my sister would say "tote-amaze-balls"

or just stunning!

The old shoe tree trail - one of the many trails through Stocking Island

Old Shoe Tree trail

Fun dinghy races with make shift sails

Everybody is having fun in the sun!

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