Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wandering Star Floats Again

Wandering Star about to launch

Wandering Star is finally back where she is meant to be floating happily in the water.  It’s been a crazy few months.  There are many I am sure who would not relish spending over three months living on the hard but for Sim and I the experience has been a good one.  Maybe it’s the contrast it offers from a life on the water.....when the opposite of what is normal for you becomes special.  And certainly there have been times among all the dirt, mess and chaos that were trying - but we got through them.  We (mostly) enjoyed the routine of the work, especially Sim who is like a pig in mud when it comes to fixing anything.  Though I can’t deny we are tired – tired to the bone.  We have worked relentlessly, so much so that people kept stopping by commenting on how hard we we're working - that makes a change– once upon a time everyday was a Sunday.....these days every day is a Monday.  But there is no incentive like the cold to get you to pick up the pace. And I'm certain we will get no sympathy from most.
We have left Bock Marine who have been truly wonderful.  They are helpful, accommodating and hard working - we can not recommend them enough, especially if you DIY. We will miss the yard and the friends we have made there. Now we are sitting at anchor in Taylor's Creek, Beaufort.  The weather is settled but cold.  Our friends John and Shirley on Khaya Moya are anchored next to us and if I look across at the island not 50 ft from me, ponies roam free.  You’d be forgiven if you looked at us and wondered what we had achieved during these last few months other than polished topsides and a new sofa/bunk inside.  But I can assure you that Wandering Star is in better shape than before with many improvements and modifications.  And we have a new knowledge of her that in turn gives us more confidence. Now our plan is to migrate south to find some warmer weather and in time for Christmas in the Bahamas.  From there who knows...

 Here are some pictures from over the last month:

The area where Sim is building the new sofa bunk

Its coming together

Totally surprised to receive a dozen red roses delivered to 
the boat yard from Sim for our five year wedding anniversary

Sunset on another day in the yard

Happy Days with Jim, Linda and Jennifer from sv Opus

Ali tells Sim how to fix the steering gear

A happy chappy at work

Another little job - stripping and repainting the swim platform.

Bock Marine - a truly fab yard

Sim polishing the topsides

We bought a new Zodiac PVC dinghy - we'll let you know how it goes.
It will have dinghy chaps to protect it but in the mean time has 303 on

The last few jobs -Sim grinding the wing keel

And there she goes...

And we are back on the water again!!

Sails had to go back up

Taylors Creek at high tide

With dolphins swimming around the boat

Ta -da! - Our new sofa bunk....(awaiting some throw cushions)

Who would not jump out of bed on a cold winter morning to take this photo?


  1. Congratulations, we are at this very moment 15:04 06/11/14 driving 1700km from our house back to the boat which is in a yard in Faro, Portugal. We to are running away from the cold ��

  2. Well done, you guys!!! Congratulations all the work, and with all the improvements. Wandering Star looks amazing and the new sofa VERY inviting to get some well-earned rest and heaps of comfort! Enjoy being back in the water, making the "last" adjustments and heading south. The blue waters and warm weather of the wonderful Bahamas are waiting for you... xxx