Sunday, August 3, 2014

An 'Irie' Surprise!

Reunited - Liesbet, myself, Sim and Mark out on the town in Beaufort, NC
Our good friends Mark and Liesbet on SV Irie (whose boat is currently in Tahiti) have been in the US for a couple of months dealing with Marks cancer treatment.  We had talked a lot about meeting up but even though we are in the same country we were still very far apart.  It’s a lot of miles between Boston and North Carolina. While we were pleased to hear it seem the cancer treatment had gone well and come to an end, it meant that they would be making their way back to their floating home in the pacific very soon. So we were absolutely thrilled when they decided to come and spend a few days with us in the 'luxury' of the boatyard before we started work in earnest.
Liesbet and myself at Croatan National Forest
It’s been three years since we last saw them, and yet it felt like only yesterday. Liesbet is a kindred spirit and one of my closest friends, it was such a luxury to have her to chat to in person, if only for a few short days.  We chilled out on the boat, (it just goes to show what cool friends they are when we can hang out on a boat in a boatyard!). We took long walks in the Croatan National Forest, a great place for hiking among the pines and river beaches, we visited the cute waterfront town of Beaufort including a very neat little house whose proud owner was very keen to show us around – his southern accent so thick I could barely understand him; and generally relaxed and had laughs with our friends. 
The curious 'Fish House' in Beaufort, NC
The days sped by all too soon. our good friends have left for their arduous journey home both near and far - thank you for taking the time to come and see us.
Now it really is time to crack on with some work! 
Picnic lunch at Croatan National Forest

 Picnic area at Croatan Forest

 Pretty trails through the forest

Forest on the water front.

Getting a little lost along the way....

Brown river waters

Its looking a little like driftwood beach

Ospreys nest

Taking a break

The lovely Liesbet

The Fish House where 'James Brown' invited us to look around

Such a cute little place

Inside is full of all sorts of knickknacks and curiosities

You can't see from the pic but 'James Brown' only has one leg and wheels about in a wheel chair
he has a lift outside that lowers him into his small boat.

It was an interesting place if you like shells - which I do!

Liesbet and Taylors Creek, Beaufort, NC

Anne Street United Methodist Church

The old burying ground where many lay to rest including a child who died at sea 
and buried in a keg of rum!

The last supper! The restaurant was so cold it kept the wine chilled.

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