Friday, April 18, 2014

A Suprise Visit To The UK For My Dads Birthday

Back to London for a surprise visit for my Dads B'day

One of the reasons we were a little anxious when the starter motor on the engine failed in Culebra was because unbeknown to my Dad I was making a surprise  visit back to the UK for his birthday with my flight leaving from Puerto Rico. 
Some of the family

Thankfully everything worked out well and I have just returned from a sunny but crisp two weeks with family and friends in the UK. Spring had truly sprung with cherry blossom, daffodils and tulips out in force.  It was a whirlwind visit catching up with not only my family but my best friends in Bristol and Hampton Court as well as Sim’s family in London.
Back in Salinas, Puerto Rico

Sim in the mean time was left all on is lonesome in Salinas – a perfect time to get on with all those jobs where apparently I hinder him.  He ploughed on with the chipping and painting small areas on the deck.  He over hauled the staysail furler, freed up the Jib pole that was completely seized and should have it working again soon. Figured out why our prop shaft has so much play in it and ordered a new coupling that I brought out.
Pork palace up in the hills.

With the car that we hired for the airport run we have stocked up to the gunwales once again readying ourselves for a couple of months in the Bahamas, visiting outer islands where provisioning will be limited. John and Shirley from Khaya Moya joined us for a little drive into the Puerto Rican hills and a pit stop at one of the casual dining, roast pig restaurants where plastic plates are piled high with slow roasted pork.  Yum yum! Delicisous.

We need to start looking at pressing on but its Easter weekend and the local boats (i.e. sport fishing boats and such like – there is money about somewhere) are out en mass. But more importantly the wind is about to die and we need some wind for our three or four day sail heading west. So we may not be going far just yet.
Here are some photos from my trip to the UK.
My Mum and Dad the birthday boy

My and my lovely sisters

                                 A trip to Bristol to see favourite people Kristin and little Erika
                                                   My super cool (super hero) god children

Dads fab birthday cake that my sister made.

Hampton Court Palace near where I lived

The lovely Jilly

A walk on the Thames between Kingston and Hampton Court

Jilly and me after a 6 mile walk along the river, still smiling despite the blisters

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