Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Frollicking With The Virgins

Deadmans Bay, Peter Island
It would almost be hard to beat the imagery that the Baths evoked with their flawless beaches, caves and grottos.  Maybe this is as close to paradise as we will ever get. But Sim and I have immensely enjoyed what little of the rest of the BVI’s we have seen.  Spending our day’s gunk holing different bays and islands.  Checking out Richard Branson’s own private atoll at Necker Island – no he wasn’t home but he does put out free wifi in his anchorage – how jolly decent of him.  In fact we picked up free wifi almost everywhere.  We visited Tortola and its busy Road Town harbour in the south of the island and then the more peaceful bays of the north.  We toyed with going to Anegada the flat coral island way to the north. But with our limited time we decided just to hang out in the islands to the south of Tortola that help form the protection against the ocean for the Sir Francis Drake Channel.
Anchored in Benures Bay, Norman Island
Peter Island and Norman Island were our islands of choice, though Savannah Bay on Virgin Gorda also hit the spot – I don’t think it would have mattered where we were.  We tried to avoid anchorages full of mooring buoys – as it’s true what they say – the BVI’s are full of charter boats – and they are drawn to these mooring fields like moths to a flame. I’ve never seen so many; all racing to the same destinations trying to squeeze in.  But don’t let them put you off.  Avoid the mooring parks and you avoid the droves. We have had such a wonderful time swimming and snorkelling.  The vibrant underwater world is what the BVI’s are all about with the colourful coral, fish, conchs, rays and turtles - every day it felt like we visited another dimension (perhaps I have been watching too much telly!). The water is every shade of blue, so inviting.  With the stunning scenery above the water and the whole other world below – everyday has felt so precious.  It’s not often we get to live in this utopian state.  I think we both will cherish our time here.
Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda to ourselves
Necker Island
The kitty tries to get comfy
Busy port of Road Tortola
Christmas Tree worms
Beautiful shells

Foureyed Butterfly fish
Giant sea mammal
Damsel fish
Flamingo Tongue mollusc
Smooth Trunkfish
View from Norman Island across to Tortola
Sim snorkelling while I beach comb
Deadmans Bay was a favourite
Deadmans Bay
There are many walks and trails from Deadmans bay
The windward side of Peter Island

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