Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Road Bay, Anguilla - One Road, One Bay

Road Bay, Anguilla
Last Saturday morning Sim and I left the confines of Simpson Bay lagoon and its snotty waters behind; we said a final goodbye to our friends the night before at the Yacht Club Happy hour.  For the first time on this boat I took the helm as we motored through both the bridges – an attempt on my part to be at least the jack  if not the master of my own boat.  A little nerve wracking in the gusty winds, I breathed in as we breezed or should it be squeezed through – not such a daunting task after all.  Once out in the beautiful blue waters we unfurled both the headsails and set a course for our next destination.
Goodbye Simpson Bay lagoon....until the next time
I love sailing off the wind.  It was comfortable ride the few miles up to Anguilla.  Sim was pleased that the prop shaft no longer leaked – our underwater work a success. We were so unbelievably ready for a few days rest after the hecticness of St Maarten and its onslaught on our bank account.  Despite the hefty charges applied to most anchorages in Anguilla, Road Bay is still free.  It is surprisingly comfortable considering its north facing location. The turquoise colours of the sea make its chilly temperature that you get this time of year appealing.  The long stretch of sandy beach is beckoning to be explored.  The friendly staffs at customs and immigration only reiterate the welcoming sign on the dinghy dock.  We walked across the bay, exploring the wrecks and walked through the one road village, investigating what the local store had to offer. Not a lot!  We walked around the old salt pond no longer used for mining salt but now a sanctuary for birds and wildlife.
The wreck of MV Mr Ted on the beach in Road Bay
We like it here.  There is not much to tempt us to spend money on except the odd beer ashore.  The sand is white, the anchorage is calm, the holding good.  The sunsets are beautiful. And always an added bonus the Wi-Fi signals are unlocked. Happy Days!

Wandering Star at anchor in Road Bay.

The well stocked minimart!

Irie Life shop - makes me think of my friends

The Salt ponds behind the beach.

Alex, Wendy and Shirley at the Yacht Club

The low lands of Anguilla with hilly St Maarten in the background.

Welcome to Anguilla

The stunning beach at Road Bay

The rocky pools at the north end
Its hard not to love a bay like this.



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