Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Daze In Antigua

Pigeon Beach, Falmouth Harbour
The last couple of weeks, in the count down to Christmas have just flown by.  We have been swept along by all the charms that Antigua has to offer. The beautiful scenery and vivid colours make this little island one of our Caribbean favourites.  The nature trails within Nelson’s dockyard national park are stunning, panoramas where green meets blue as sparkling seas and jagged land collide, the white glow of the sandy beaches, pretty pink flowers and plenty of fluffy goats are a huge joy to walk around. Add to that the allure of Nelsons dockyard with stone pillars, beautifully restored 18th century buildings and ultra modern mega yachts, its hard not to be affected by it all. 
Middle trail and the hike between Falmouth and English Harbour
The wind has been blowing hard for weeks, but it’s kept the temperatures nice and cool; far more civilized. We have had lovely walks with Jon from yacht "Imagine" and even Sim with his crippled knees appreciates the exercise when the views are so good.  Not to mention there is plenty of eye candy around.  It’s quite amusing to sit and people watch, identifying the scantily clad crews of the mega yachts, the plump, socks and sandal wearing, camera wielding cruise-ship tourists and the old ex pat yuppy Brits in their floaty white bohemian clothes. Not to mention the odd shabbily dressed cruiser. 
Falmouth Harbour
Of course, as we have had the anchor down for a couple of weeks it would be wrong not to get on with some boat maintenance. Sim has managed to put the chipping hammer through the deck twice! Though this did not come as a surprise, we knew it was looking suspect, it will just be added to the list of items that need to be welded when we haul out.  I have had the sewing machine out and have been fairly busy.
Sim working!
Christmas day has been and gone.  We had a fab day with breakfast at the dockyard - a result of Jon’s misinformation about the Christmas Champagne party starting at 10.30am, and therefore arriving a little early.  Come midday though, we had bought our bottle of fizz as everyone started to arrive in their glad rags and Santa hats. It’s a sponsored charity event with all profits going to the Hourglass foundation. Naturally we were keen to make our contribution and left a little sozzled by 1pm so Sim could cook our Christmas lunch with sides of veg, crackers and Christmas pud supplied by Jon. It was a splendid meal with all the trimmings.  We were over fed and over watered (ok -wined) just as you are supposed to be on Christmas Day.  A Merry Christmas to you all.
Merry Christmas Everyone
A walk to the windward beach
A walk on to Fort Berkley
Christmas Day

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