Friday, November 22, 2013

The First Sail of the Season

A grey day
The first sail of the season set off to an inauspicious start with grey and grizzly skies, rain and very little wind. Damp and soggy we motor sailed a good portion of the way to Tyrell Bay in Carriacou, our first stop on our journey north, in the company of our friend, Jon from Imagine of Falmouth.
Tyrell Bay Carriacou
A bright and balmy morning woke us the next day. Tyrell Bay literally shimmered in the sunlight.  We had a beautiful few days in one of my favourite Caribbean islands.  An eclectic mix of boats as ever you will see gleamed in the sunlight, swinging lightly on their anchors;  the sea, a multi hue of greens and blues. We had drinks at the charming Slipway Bar, walks on the unassuming beach littered with sea-glass, gate crashed the opening of the cute new Gallery CafĂ© who put on a (free)  spread with all their delicious produce and live music.  We finished our short stay there with a BBQ on Wandering Star in the good company of Jon from “Imagine”, Pat and Geoff of “Beach House” and Jeff and Izzy from “Izzy R”.
The Man & The Boat
Not only were we treated to calm and shimmery sunshine by day but also by a bright and full moon casting shimmery light by night.  I counted my blessing once again for this bright, colourful and wonderful world that we live in.
Union Island
Over the following days we took short steps, motoring in the flat calm, glassy seas and windless days a few miles to the next islands; 10 miles to Union Island, 30 miles to Bequia readying ourselves for the longer trip up to St Lucia. We swam and snorkeled in the gorgeous sea as much as we could but it seems that jellyfish are out en mass marring our fun.
Arriving in St Lucia
At the crack of dawn we lifted sails for our trip to St Lucia, the sun not yet over the horizon but enough light to see what we were doing.  The moon was still high in the sky and a light breeze took us out of Bequia and on our way.  We had a super sail nearly all the way, except for a small part of the leeward coast of St Vincent.  Dolphins played in the converging currents, leaping full out of the sea.  Wandering Star sailed well – we were pleased. The higher cut genoa that we put on in Grenada preformed well especially when the wind kicked in. The kitty was well behaved and Sim and I both enjoyed the sail.  We picked up a mooring between the magnificent Pitons, bought fresh fruit from a boat boy in a bright, pink kayak, snorkeled (not for long as the stingers were out), and shared a beer with Jon and the Park ranger. 
Taking a break
We are now snuggly anchored in the flat calm of Rodney Bay, a good rainsquall has washed all the salt away.  I think a roti at Jambe de Bois is called for this evening and a cold Carib Beer. 
It was tight but everyone squeezed in for a BBQ
The Lambie Queen dinghy dock
Sitting outside the new Gallery Cafe
The kitty has had enough of sailing!
I can see sand dollars

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