Friday, November 1, 2013

Lapping It Up At Lance Aux Epines & La Sagesse

The cottage at Lance Aux Epines
We have spent the last week chillin’ with Mum and Dad at Lance Aux Epines cottages in Prickly Bay.  Enjoying swimming and walking on the lovely beach and taking advantage of the super fast internet (well to us anyway) and backing up all our photos to cloud storage.
One of my favourite beaches
We have had some wonderful meals out at The Junction Bar just a short walk past the Red Crab in Prickly Bay.  They have the most scrummy burgers.  We visited BB Crab-backs in St Georges over looking the Careenage, The Dodgy Dock at True Blue Bay Resort and the beautiful Beach House who had the best sticky toffee pudding. 
Beautiful water lilies in the grounds of Lance Aux Epines
Amid all this epicurean delight we have also been dealing with our steering problem and the troublesome sheared nipple. Not being able to source one on the island, at great expense for a tiny weeny object we shipped in two with the always efficient ezone company.  Having got the new part all the way from the USA all we had to do was extract the broken old one.  Easier said than done.  But after much perseverance and eventually taking the whole steering system apart we finally managed to tap in a new thread and achieve a seal with the new part. Luckily we were on a mooring for all this time as heavy rain and strong winds blew through.  Not a great time to be without steerage. 
The troublesome hydraulic steering unit
Now the system is bleed and everything is back together again.  Mum and Dad in the meantime have moved to LaSagesse on the southeast corner of Grenada.  A charming little hotel that refers to itself as a nature center but what they really mean is they are at one with the elements.  No noisy air conditioning units. Just the crashing of the waves on a lee shore and the sound of the wind as it blows unhindered through the palm trees.  It is remote but lovely.  The main attraction is the wild and windswept beach; Mum and Dad like it here a lot.  We joined them yesterday for a day on the secluded beach, swimming and walking and just hanging out. 
The lovely beach at La sagessa
 The weather unfortunately has been horrendous. Days with black skies, wind and squalls.  Still yesterday it managed to stay mostly dry until the early evening when we were sat having the most delicious dinner in the restaurant (they serve most amazing frozen chocolate mousse you will every taste) when the elements let rip across the open venue.  It seems the seasons weather is starting to change, the overwhelming hot and balmy days are coming to an end.  I am certainly looking forward to the cooler trade winds of the winter season.
Quick there be a squall coming!!
Wandering Star left to brave the elements alone
The lovely La Sagesse
La Sagesse

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