Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mum And Dad Join Us For A Jolly

Prickly Bay from Lance Aux Epines Beach
My Mum and Dad arrived last Tuesday.  Although they are staying at the lovely Lance Aux Epines cottages on the beach at Prickly Bay, we took them out for a sail and a spot of fishing over the weekend.  Sadly we did not catch anything as we trolled the line back and forth.  The winds were light but we had decided only to use the headsail and engine as the protective sun bimini needs to come down in order for the mainsheet to be attached to the main.  A feature we don’t like but there you go.  We wanted sun protection for Ma and Pa.  We trolled the line back and forth, then two miles north of St Georges – as squalls and clouds gathered around us, the engine decides to die and we get air in the system.  The way it is set up at the moment it is not an easy fix at sea.  Because of an odd on shore breeze we quickly hosted the mainsail and then coasted along at 2kts with the current, hoping to make it into St Georges before the tides changed and the wind pushed us the wrong way.  We anchored for the 2nd time this year very successfully under sail.  Sim went about changing fuel filters and bleeding the system.  All was well again.  We had a BBQ that night and hoped to glimpse the partial eclipse of the moon.  Sadly it was too discrete to see.  What we did get to witness was a moon bow – like a rainbow only the light is from the beaming full moon rather than the sun. Unfortunately no photos but it was pretty cool. 
Mum and Dad being taken for a ride
The next day we moved up to the snorkel park at Molliniere Point. Here Dad and I snorkeled on the underwater sculptures that encourage marine growth.  We didn’t stay for long as a big squall came in.  The sky clouded over and the calm seas turned into breaking waves.  Wandering Star was pitching on her mooring, we were keen to get underway as these mooring buoys are notorious for breaking free.  We were only a couple of hundred feet away from a rocky shore.
Now we are safely back in Prickly Bay on a (maintained) mooring that someone has very kindly let us use while we try to figure out how out how to repair a bleed nipple that we (I) broke off the steering gear while we were bleeding the system!  Ooops  

The calm before the storm
Bright Coral
Sunday Burger day at Lance Aux Epines cottages
Lance Aux Epines Beach
St Georges anchorage
Squally day

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