Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Its Not Always Paradise In Paradise

Lance Aux Epines beach, Prickly Bay
Recently there have been a couple of incidents that have taken the paradise out of paradise.  A fairly brutal attack on cruisers having dinner at anchor; a boat broken into here in Prickly Bay and sadly a few other unsavory events that puts a dark cloud over our otherwise sunny days.
While this rightly occupies the cruising community at this time and questions are being asked about how we can make this watery world of ours safer, Sim and I plod on.  The work on Wandering Star continues.  Toilet modifications; chart table stripped and re varnished; side opening ports pried open and new seals put in; deck shower replaced (again), new fans installed.  We are not a million miles behind the schedule we set ourselves.

We've had fun nights out meeting new people or catching up with old friends. The monthly boat jumble had us buying and selling and still coming home with pennies in our pockets.  
Prickly Bay
Prickly Bay has turned into a rolly washing machine ride and as the days wear on this constant motion becomes weary. Nina and I have met for walks, though not as regularly as we should.  While the community reels from a few rotten apples in an otherwise friendly island, we have had only good experiences; meeting with young locals on the beach who share their coconuts with us happily chatting, wanting nothing in return.
Ashante and Randy

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