Thursday, September 12, 2013

Walk This Way

Nina and I up in Gouyave for the hash
People often wonder what we do all day, heck I even wonder what we do all day.   These last days have flown by and yet when I try and think of what we have achieved very little springs to mind. Nothing has been ticked of the list; endless journeys to here, there and everywhere have been fruitless.  But this is the Caribbean and “hey Mon, there’s always tomorrow”. We are on “island time” after all.
Mount Hartman Dove Sanctuary
In between running around like headless chickens (as much as one can do in the Caribbean and in this heat) I have been out and about walking with my friend Nina, exploring the Mount Hartman DoveSanctuary and other places.  The Dove is the national bird of Grenada. The park is home to 22% of the global population of the Grenada Dove - which translates to just 20 pairs. With extinction on the brink the park was established to protect this endemic bird in its national habitat.  The park covers an area from Mount Hartman, to Hog Island to Clarks Court Bay and up to Mont Tout with trails all over.  It has shade throughout so makes walking a little easier in this intense heat.  And if that is not enough there is the usual Saturday Hash.  This time in the pretty village of Gouyave where Fish Fry Friday is usually held.  It is incredibly beautiful up there and sums up the Caribbean perfectly; Neat little colourful houses with fruit trees galore; lines of gnarled mango trees border pathways; children playing out front, mothers washing clothes by hand and beautiful, beautiful views of the village and out to sea. It’s the Caribbean I fell in love with but rarely get to see.
The hash took us past colonial styled gingerbread houses.

While all this has been going on Sim has been practicing his bicep curls in the bar while watching the Americas cup on the big screen. ‘Tis a hard life that we lead! J
Red trail indicates the Dove Sanctuary trails
 The fishing village of Gouyave
 Nina of Windward Star
 Curious children watching the hashers
 Entertainment after the hash
 The moon and venus - how cool

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