Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hashes, Hog (Island) and Hydrolic Horrors in Clarks Court Bay

Clarks Ct Bay from Whisper Cove marina
After several false starts with a dead windless battery we moved Wandering Star from Prickly Bay back around to Clarks Court Bay for a change of scene and to see a man about some solar panels, having made the decision go wind free!
Clarks Ct Bay
Clarks Court Bay isn’t your idyllic beachy anchorage but in an island notorious for rolly bays it offers flat calm waters.  It is a little harder to get about the island from here.  Only the No2 bus goes from Woburn at the top of the bay or Whisper Cove Marina at the top of the hill. Otherwise it’s all on foot or by the organized shopping bus.  The water isn’t so great to swim in and you certainly can’t see the bottom but there is definitely something quite appealing about being here that I just can’t lay my finger on.
Sunset at Hog Island
It’s been a busy weekend and one with amazing sunsets every night. We hashed again, this time over at Grenada Marine in St David’s.  The trail took us along some beaches, through some rivers and over some hills.  As it had been raining it was an incredibly muddy event and we both finished completely caked in the stuff and soaking wet.  It was however fun and we got to see more parts of Grenada we wouldn’t otherwise see.  When we finally got back to the boat that night we jumped into the sea to clean off and were tickled to see lots of phosphorescent sparkly with our movements.
The hash took us past secluded beaches
Sunday had us make a tidy little profit at the monthly boat jumble over at Secret Harbour selling all our unwanted items. Later that afternoon we caught up with friends again at the get together at Rogers Beach bar.
Liming on Sunday afternoon
As with all things boaty while we try to focus on one thing something else breaks.  This time a hose broke on the hydraulic steering, spilling lots of oil into the bilge. Sim spent a day trying to source new hoses and fitting them back together and then the laborious task of re-filling the hydraulic oil without any air bubbles.  So for now we must get back to work.
Scenes from the hash
 It rained during the hash
 Dont grap the prickly trees
Monthly boat jumble

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