Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Grenada Carnival 2013

Colourful Carnival
It’s that time again in Grenada with parties and festivities to celebrate another year’s carnival and Spice Mas – where traditions and pageantry come alive on the streets.  A weeks worth of events including steel bands, Calypso and Soca competitions  lead up to the grand finales of J’Ouvert, Pageant Mas and the colourful Parade of Bands.  Having done the entire carnival in previous years we elected just to go the Pageant Mas on Monday afternoon as I’m a succor for the pretty costumes. When pictures say a 1000 words I’ll leave you with some photos from that days events. For more information on Grenada carnival you can visit Spicemas
The scary left overs from the early 4am J'Ouvert party where paint and old engine oil are liberally distributed.

Each band has a different theme.

The kids looked very cute.

Colourful custumes

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