Monday, August 26, 2013

Blue Moons, Dinghy Drifts and Hashes

Prickly Bay
The last couple of weeks have been spent back around in Prickly Bay; enjoying nights out at the Tiki Bar in Prickly Bay marina, but not the hangovers the following day. Slowly but surely jobs get ticked of the list.  Sim has finally managed to fix the wind generator and it now whirls away (when there is wind) to an incredible hum, so much so that when the wind is up we have to turn it off at night so we can sleep.  It resonates through the boat and not only do we have to listen to its droning; we feel it vibrate through our bodies too.  So we are almost back to square one and thinking about removing it completely in place of more solar panels. Ho hum…
Blue Moon - Prickly Bay
Dinghy drift, Prickly Bay
In the meantime we celebrated the Blue Moon (August 20th), not the more recent definition of two moons in one month but the third moon in a four moon season by joining a dinghy drift to watch the moon rise.  At 7pm we grouped together, attaching our dinghies to each other and drifting through Prickly Bay anchorage, annoying other boats as we passed by.

Everyone gathers at the beach for the start of the hash
The Hash starts and finishes at BBC beach.
Over the weekend we joined our first Hash this season.  And no, that’s not participating in extracurricular drugs but a group of walkers, hikers and runners who meet up once a week to follow paper trails on energetic walks and runs.  They happen all over the island and are a great way to get to see Grenada.  I am not always keen on the longer bus journeys to the other end of the island but this one was in Morne Rouge, starting at BBC beach and just a short public bus journey and a long walk away.  Needless to say Sim and I were both a mess by the time we arrived at the start. Sims knees hurt and my shoes had given me blisters. But we persevered taking in some fabulous views along the way and finished the long walkers trail with more hills then you can shake a walking stick at along with the other stragglers,  just as it was getting dark.  But we enjoyed ourselves in a warped kind of way and the party afterwards on one of the most gorgeous beaches in Grenada helped to ease our pains. We were not looking forward to the walk home but luckily managed to catch a ride from a couple in a posh SUV who dropped us back right by the dinghy dock.
Views of Prickly Bay
BBC or Pink Gin Beach as it is also known

At the top of one of the many hills
 More Views
And more views - St Georges
 Sim - not in the mood for chit chat!
Horray! The end of the Hash!

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