Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rogers Beach Bar

Rogers Beach Bar
Every Sunday when not a lot else is going on in the rest of Grenada, people gather at Roger’s Beach bar on the west side of Hog Island to lime away the afternoon with cheap beer and rum from the rustic bamboo bar, enjoy the BBQ and listen to the live music.
Everybody parks up on the beach
Only accessible from the sea or a locked bridge there is no electricity, no running water or any toilets on the island. (Although a portacabin has recently been added it may be safer to use a bush). Locals, cruisers and students from the international university mingle on the beach under the shady palm trees or cool off in the sea. Land crabs are boiled in a big pot over an open fire; meat is BBQ’d on an old oil drum.
Bbq is going.
People laze in the hammocks and children swing on old tires tied to trees. It is a congenial afternoon catching up with friends you have not seen all week. As the sun drops behind the hilly horizon the party slowly comes to an end. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
The lightship Vastra Banken
 Yesterday Sim and I moved Wandering Star from Secret Harbour around to Calivigny Island in Clarks Court Bay and anchored in the cut between the mainland and the island. The breeze blows through here unhindered and we hope for some respite from the unerring heat. That afternoon we joined a small crowd to witness (and take bets on) the start of the Vastra Banken engine on the old lightship come fine dining restaurant at Le Phare Bleu marina. The engine hadn’t been run for over six years and a small crowd gathered for the jovial event along with buckets of happy hour beer.
Nothing beats a cold Carib
After a couple of false starts the engine spluttered into life with a comical bang and a cloud of black smoke and lasted almost of all of its allotted time amongst cheers from the crowd. Money was raised and donated to charity. It was a beautiful setting and fun evening catching up with people we had not seen for ages, ending with a delicious pizza in the marina restaurant. We went home under a blanket of stars and marveled again at how lucky we are.
The ship splutters to life.

The good ships bell

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