Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last Days in Tyrrel Bay

Wandering Star along side Dominique's floating workshop
The welding work carried out on the staysail chain-plate was a big success.  Both Dominique and Uwe in Tyrrel Bay are very skilled and competent at what they do.  We will most certainly be using them again in the future.  But this is a lesson that can be retold again. Stainless steel is not infallible, when it breaks, it breaks- the only two ways about it are the pieces it leaves behind.  Take good care of your stainless.

With that little job out of the way we chatted with the knowledgeable Uwe about our future welding projects and the possibility of hauling in Tyrrel Bay.  None of the work is imminent, luckily, and it was fun to listen to Sim’s and Uwe’s stories of plugging holes in steel ships in the past; with butter in the Baltic, rope, bolts and sawdust – all ingenious ways to plug a hole.  Of course we are going to avoid ever getting to that stage and hope it never happens. But as we are constantly told, rust never sleeps.  We are keeping a keen eye on suspect areas and will head to Grenada to investigate further options and to get stuck into our projects this hurricane season.
Wandering Star in Tyrell Bay
We enjoyed the last few balmy days in Tyrrel Bay despite the influx of mosquitoes.  Swimming in the calm sea to cool off, snorkeling over the seabed admiring all the colourful fish and the invasive Lionfish.
The predatory Lionfish
We left Tyrrel Bay last Saturday and had probably our best sail so far on Wandering Star.  A light 10kt breeze pushed us along with a full compliment of sails in smooth seas.  We pulled briefly into Isle de Ronde, one of the small clusters of islands between Carriacou and Grenada, waved at the small sandy beach and decided to continue on enjoying the dreamy sail between The Sisters rocks with all the nesting birds and south to Grenada’s capital St Georges. We are lucky if we get 1 in 10 sails like this and reveled in the moment, committing to memory that beautiful sails are possible.
Just plain sailing :-)

Flying gunard

Sea snake
Juvenile Grey Angelfish

Green Moray

Juvenile Blue Angelfish

Can you see the octopus?

Lots of Lionfish

Sim trimming the sails

Sailing between the Sister rocks

Sisters Rock

Keeping the sun off

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