Thursday, July 4, 2013

Keep Calm and Carriacou On

Tyrell Bay
We have been in Tyrell Bay in Carriacou the sister island to the north of Grenada for a little over a week.  We like to hang out here for a while before joining the hustle and bustle that is Camp Grenada.  The pace of life here is slow – it gives Island Time a whole new meaning.  We like it though – the anchorage is beautiful, the skies powder blue and the sea always a myriad of stunning turquoise blues. A long curved, white sandy beach is great for beachcombing. In the northern corner a mangrove lagoon, protected by the fisheries department is home to small sweet oysters clinging to the sturdy roots; At night before the moon comes out, it is so dark that the stars shine so brightly they look like diamonds falling from the sky. The supermarkets are basic.  The bars could be described as rustic but more “rough and ready” springs to mind.  The people are friendly and welcoming.  Sim loves this place where the bars sell rum by the quarter bottles (normally measured and decanted into an old glass swepes bottles) and sold with coke for the grand price of EC$15+; a plate of ribs and wedges EC$12. Twilight, Miss Lucky's and The Lambie Queen are all great haunts.  We like it here because it is so calming and there is not a lot to spend your money on.
View from the back of the boat.
And we need these days of frugal spending as we are finding areas of concern inside of the bilge that looked oh so beautiful when we bought the boat but are now showing very definite signs of (inhale, deep breath…) RUST!  We are disappointed as we had hoped we wouldn’t have to haul out this year but we can’t ignore the very obvious. So while we are also waiting for a little welding work to be done here (island time again – the guy hasn’t turned up!), we are trying to hard Keep Calm and Carriacou on and decide if, where and when we should haul.

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