Friday, July 19, 2013

Back in the Grenada Groove

St Georges Grenada
We arrived back in Grenada, for our 4th season after our fabulous sail down from Carriacou.  And it feels like coming home.  We anchored outside St Georges for a couple of nights hoping for a last few days of clear water to swim in, only to find the bay full of jellyfish washed in with the tide.  With the threat of Tropical Storm Chantal fast approaching we moved around the corner to Prickly Bay our old favourite haunt and a step closer to more protected bays should we need them. We anchored close to the beach so we could enjoy nice swims in the afternoons to cool off from the excessive heat this season is bringing.  We’ve caught up with friends and settled down into a familiar pattern.
Views out to sea St Georges
With our new STEEL boat the jobs have started in earnest. The list is long and I find it so overwhelming its immobilizing.  I am paralyzed by the amount of work we want and NEED to do and end up achieving little. I remember reading on a yellow sticky note attached to someone’s nav station that said: the secret to success is getting started.  Sim has jumped straight in. The chipping hammer and Dremel are out and already 3 bits of deck have been repaired and faired and repainted.  The staysail is down and the furling unit in pieces.  But as with all things Caribbean and all things boaty, its 3 steps forward and 2 steps back.  It takes days to get a seal out or hours and hours researching spare parts for reasonable prices over an internet that is slow and frustrating. The weather doesn’t play fair.  But Sim is master at tackling jobs like this.  He always tells me that patience and perseverance prevail; I am in awe of his.  He says he feels like maybe we have bitten of more than we can chew and the only way to tackle it is to move forward.  We wanted the work – right?  Something to keep us occupied.  Boy, have we got it.  Thank goodness we didn’t buy a project boat.
Sunny day, Prickly Bay!!
To keep things more manageable we have set ourselves deadlines for the end of each approaching month. It goes something like this for the next two months
Repair, overhaul or replace staysail furling unit
Repair, overhaul or replace genoa furling unit
Put up new genoa sail.
Repair other Genoa sail.
Repair Staysail sail.
Fit new davit pulley
Check all chain plates (involves cutting furniture out to inspect)
Attack deck rust especially around the bow.
Get a rig check
Replace Genoa stay.
Find leak in chain locker and repair
Fit jackstays
Replace sink drains
Fit saltwater deck wash
Investigate why engine is running hot.
Investigate wear and tear in steering bush/arm
Make fridge divider.
Investigate Wind Gen repairs/ more solar power/ generator & charging systems.
Make a start on cutting out ALL the furniture so it is removable for inspections & haul out.

This is just the list for the first two months and things we consider a priority. There is a similar list for September/October too. I take a deep breath when I look at it.  Most the jobs seem little.  Inspect the chain plates – how hard can that be.  But they are all hidden behind paneling that is not only screwed but glued together.  Ill let you know how it goes.
Wandering Star in Mount Hartman Bay
In the mean time we have moved from Prickly Bay to Mount Hartman Bay or Secret Harbour as it is also known.  It’s quieter here, less distractions.  The birds chirp away and at night when the wind isn’t howling (which it is right now) you can hear the crickets and cicadas. It’s surprisingly rolly for a bay protected by reefs.  But we like it here, and despite the overwhelming feeling we are happy, I think we will stay a while.
A trip to Phare Bleu marina

My favourite flower - Purple water lillies

Interesting house built into hill right behind us

Just horrid weather today

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