Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Grenadines Revisted

Tobago Cays
Most people’s idea of what it is like living on a boat is a million miles from what we actually do.  It’s not all fun in the sun, sea, sand and surf as people may imagine.  We don’t often go to the beach and I would rather stay in the shade than be out in the sun.  I mean I never ever sun bathe. Never. In fact there are often many days when it its rainy, gray and overcast, especially when we might be expecting guests.  And it is more regular for the wind to howl than to not.  Many of the islands are shabby and poor, not the glossy holiday brochure ideals you expect.  And we don’t sit around all day doing nothing. We are either working on the boat (you will not believe how many things need to be maintained, repaired or replaced when your home is constantly on the move with the elements thrown against it) or trying to find ways to top up the cruising kitty. We are rarely idle.
Wandering Star sailing through the Grenadines
That said.  Sim and I have just spent the weekend in the idyllic Grenadines, a small group of islands to the south of St Vincent.  It has been years since we have been here and we have very fond memories of earlier times.  Here you will find the epitome of the Caribbean.  What is more we had a few days of lovely weather to go with it.
Clifton, Union Island
Sadly we skipped Bequia vacillating too long about whether we should check in with customs and stay or carry on to Grenada and settle into hurricane season down there and start the much needed work on WS.  We dilly dallied too long and carried on past Beqiua, down through the Grenadines where chance would have it we passed our friends on “Imagine of Falmouth” pulling into Mayreau.  We chatted with them on the VHF radio and they tantalized us with thoughts of a cold beer ashore - Finally something to pull us over the fence.  We cleared in at the colourful port of Clifton in Union Island anchoring behind the breaking reef in crystal clear water then headed the few miles back to Mayreau to surprise Sam, Jon and Tom at Dennis’s Hideaway Bar at the top of the hill.  We had a BBQ that night on Wandering Star then all moved over to the Tobago Cays, a designated marine park to protect the turtles and sealife.  The hues of the sea as you enter between the islands are breathtaking.  We swam with the turtles, something I will never tire off, they are such a cute and captivating little creature, it is a shame that they are still allowed to be fished in some countries. We snorkeled on the reef which has an abundance of fish and even some coral re-growth and climbed the hills of the tiny islands. After we had our fill there we moved back to Union to clear out before a final night in Petit St Vincent and another food feast and BBQ on WS. 
Clifton Harbour

Union Island

Sim, Jon, Sam and Tom at Dennis Hideaway Bar

Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau

Sand spit at Baradel

Sim the fin man.

Conch shell

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles and sea monsters

 Very tame turtle

 Sea urchin

Pretty local boat

A beautifiul day

Underwater coral gardens

 Orange spotted filefish

Smooth Trunkfish

Junior Angelfish

Banded Butterflyfish

Imagine of Falmouth at PSV

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  1. I know what you mean guys, sailing is not all about sunbathe,pina coladas and sandy beaches.

    You constantly have to maintain your boat take care of things,worry about weather.

    Btw you have a nice blog Sim and Rosie