Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sitting Tight in St Lucia

Pigeon Island, Rodney Bay
We have spent A LOT of time in St Lucia over recent years. Rodney Bay at the north end of the island on the western side breaks up our journey on the way north and south.  Its a very large bay over a mile wide. Several of the beaches are dominated by hotel resorts like Sandals.  Its not a bad place. We had a wonderful time here with my family over Christmas and New Year and have even hauled out here twice.  But it is often a transient place for us where it seems we are always waiting for a weather window north or south. We actaully always have a great time here but for some reason every time we draw near to arriving in St Lucia  we are always filled with the…’not St Lucia AGAIN!’ thoughts.  Not this time though.  Not after the wild rolling and pitching that we suffered in Martinique.  In fact I was quite desperate to arrive in the calm protected waters of Rodney Bay and the familiar environs of St Lucia.  Especially as after the last afternoon in Grand Anse D’Arlet whilst we were snorkeling we found that a link in the chain of the mooring buoy we were on was split and so we had to move for the 6th time in nearly as many days! Beware; that was buoy N6. We told the attendants ashore so it should be fixed. I think that place had it in for us.
Broken chain link on mooring in Grand Anse D'Arlet.
So we were quite ready to embrace the charms of St Lucia despite its slightly shady undertones (theft and attacks to cruisers and tourists – various shootings, cruisers in jail – you get the picture).  The western style supermarkets and two malls, the bars and the restaurants are always a joy and a place to get your shopping fix.  We know where the sandy patches are in the bay that is notorious for bad holding and have our anchor snuggly buried, feeling secure our home won’t blow away. Which is just as well as it is blowing hard.  There is no swell creeping in and the only movement of the boat, though we are swinging wildly in the wind, is a gentle rock. We have picked up what all cruisers desire at anchor (apart from a peaceful night or a glass of rum) - a scratchy internet connection and are in touch with the outside world. We have had the mandatory roti (because it’s the best roti) at Jambe de Bois over at Pigeon Island with Sam and Jon.  But the wind is blowing a stink - tropical waves, tight wind gradients and squalls are what our friendly weather man has been telling us.  Which translate to windy, rainy weather kicking up big seas. Nobody can remember when it last rained so much. Looks like we are here for a while AGAIN as we wait for the weather to abate. And secretly this time we are quite pleased to be somewhere comfortable.
It rained and then it rained some more!
Pigeon Island

On our way to get fuel

Fishing boats

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