Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beaches N Birthdays in St Maarten

Mullet Bay, SXM
The last couple of weeks have been spent getting to know Wandering Star, making things the way we like them and learning her ways that are individual to each and every boat.  It’s a slow process, sometimes frustrating when you want the boat equivalent of a plug and play.  But we would be fools to think otherwise.  Simple tasks turn into day long epics.  This wouldn’t normally matter but we want to spend time with my parents here without our heads buried in the engine or some other place and of course we have put pressure on ourselves by wanting to make Antigua for at least the last of the regattas. 
Orient Bay, SXM
We have managed to tick off many of our ‘to do’ list jobs and several others that have poked their little heads up, and enjoyed some wonderful days with Mum and Dad, hanging out with them at their Mary’s Boon hotel.  Not the first choice for some I am sure being so close to the runway but it is a cute little Caribbean boutique hotel right on the beach front. This last week the wind has been blowing hard; gusting well over 30kts much of the time.  This makes for wet dinghy rides and worry about the boat when we are not on board. It has meant we haven't seen mum and dad quite so much but when you live on a floating home thats the way things are sometimes. Finally today the winds have eased and we can breath a sigh of relief.

Friers Bay, SXM
To celebrate my Dads 69th birthday we hired a car and picked them up from Mary’s Boon last Sunday.  First stop was the nearby stunning Mullet Bay.  The cerulean hues entice you into the stunning bay and it would be almost rude not to swim in the balmy waters. From there we drove through the French quarter up past Grande Case and around to Orient Bay.  This is a hugely popular spot for cruise ship tourists, the trendy French, nudists and water sports enthusiasts alike.  Hundreds of beach loungers line the shore and you have your pick of many tasty restaurants.  We stopped at one busy spot for lunch for Moules et Frites while dad had a rather clever rice dish in a scoped out pineapple. On the way back we stopped of at more beaches including Friars Bay and one final dip in the idyllic Mullet Bay.
Mum and Dad, Mullet Bay
Now it’s almost time for us to leave and for our first sail. We are fully stocked up on all the cheap items like rum and coffee.  The freezer (what a luxury) is packed tight.  We have had some amazing meals out with mum and dad.  Without wanting to turn this into a restaurant guide if you are ever in St Maarten Marys Boon have an excellent restaurant; every dish on their small menu was excellent (although slightly more pricey then our normal budget might allow).  But it’s also worth mentioning the Yacht Club, Barnacles and Aldywyns – the Lebanese and Sunset Bar and Grill – all scrummy and none too outrageously priced. The only exception was Skipjacks the fish restaurant where we even managed to get Sim to eat some raw smoked tuna!! All said we have done very well. – Thanks Ma and Pa. 
Mullet Bay, SXM
Tomorrow morning Mum and Dad are joining us to take Wandering Star through the bridge opening at 9am and out of the lagoon.  We will drop them off at a dock and then be on our bonny way out into wild blue yonder.  I’m so excited.  As much as I like St Martin, I can’t wait to leave.  It gets to you after a while.  I can’t wait to feel the wind in my hair and the feeling of freedom (even if we are not going that far!).  We feel we have been on the go for so long we are looking forward to doing what we love best – just chilling out at anchor in some remote bay tinkering on with little jobs, walking on beaches and swimming in the sea – no shore side distractions.
Mullet Bay
Simio, Mullet Bay

Mullet Bay
Kite Surfing Orient Bay

Lounger anyone? - Orient Bay

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